The Page – September21, 2022

An interesting tidbit from McLennan town council Sept. 12.
There was a fire on the lakeshore July 23. For those of you not familiar with the town, it was started in the grass by the two ponds by the covered bridge. The good news is smoke was seen right away and reported to authorities. It was quickly doused.
It was quickly discovered the fire was set by two teens. As punishment, they each had to work 24 hours for their criminal efforts.
Of course, John Q. Taxpayer in McLennan had to pay the fire department to put the fire out.
Let us hope these youth learned a lesson. A little manual labour never hurt anyone, right!

Keeping close to McLennan, The Page couldn’t help but notice town council decided to not hire some “expertise” to help them develop a strategic plan.
A strategic plan helps council set goals and work toward attaining said goals.
The Page wonders why small governments have to hire anyone in the first place. Places like McLennan, High Prairie and Falher do not need to toss away good money when there is plenty of expertise around the table.
This is not hard. Set some goals. Try to determine funding. Set a timeline to attain set goals. Assign councillors and staff to set goals. Why hire some mucky-muck?
Besides, a strategic plan is only a guide and is an ever-changing document.
What was best about council’s decision was the quote from Mayor Jason Doris.
“The worst we can do is screw it up,” he said, obviously referring to the fact no money would be wasted, except for councillors’ meeting fees.
“I think we can give it the old college try.”

Lots of talk about the hemp plant by Donnelly. This is a great project and should offer another alternative for local farmers to increase income.
Earlier this year, The Page noted a hemp crop on the south side of the highway just west of Donnelly.
Last week, The Page was driving back from Grouard and saw a crop south of Grouard on the east side of the road. Now, The Page grew up on the farm but couldn’t tell what it was. His excuse is his eyes were on the road.
Oh, well, it’s probably harvested by now. What was it?

Speaking of harvest, most reports coming in are positive. What a fantastic run of weather this fall! Higher than expected yields plus terrific harvest weather.
And, because no rain fell on the grain, there is a much higher chance that farmers will be producing a higher grade product, which means more money in farmers’ pockets.

The High Prairie Quilt Guild annual show and sale is coming to town Oct. 1-2.
Look for details in next week’s South Peace News.

A man who was running for political office just also happened to be the local judge. He had a thief appear before him in court charged with theft.
“I see you stole $500,” said the judge. “Then you went back to the same house and stole a watch and some jewelry. How do you explain your actions?”
“Well, sir,” said the thief. “I was just doing what you told me. I listened to your last speech and you said money alone can’t buy happiness!”

A doctor received a call from a woman terrified that her son has just swallowed a pen.
“Bring him in as soon as you can,” said the doctor. “What are you doing in the meantime?”
“Using a pencil,” she replied.

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