Online Advertising Rates Effective February 1, 2023

For regular newspaper advertising, display ads, classifieds, flyer inserts, printing and promo products, please contact our office at 780-523-4484 or use the contact form at the very bottom of the page.

Below you see a replica of the Front Page of the website. The green boxes (marked DOUBLE LEADERBOARD, BIGBOX, SMALL BOX, AND LEADERBOARD) are spots you could have your ad! The unmarked boxes (in grey) indicate where pictures, stories, and other information are placed.

I want to go digital! How do I do that?

Your ad will appear on the following website:, as well as,,,,, and and many more to be added soon. As new sites are added, your ad will appear automatically on the new sites at no extra cost.

Your ad space is shared with other advertisers in a rotation. This means the lowest cost possible to you, while still giving you effective exposure to your customers.

If you bought an in-print newspaper ad with a lot more copy (information you are advertising), you will get your whole newspaper ad shown online, meaning you get the easy-to-read attention getting LEADERBOARD, SMALL BOX, BIGBOX, DOUBLE LEADERBOARD, and your newspaper ad at this newspaper website that will link back to your website for just an additional $10 per week that your in-print ad runs. Just want to run digital banner ads with a direct link to your website along with your in-print ad? Just add $15 per week to your in-print ad price.

I don’t have a website. What can I do?

We can build you a full website. But for a cost-effective solution, check out a Landing Page. A Landing Page might just have the detailed version of your ad, but why stop there?

Put information that can be used over and over again, like phone numbers and a list of business services. Maybe menu items. Then you can promote a special, like 25% OFF, and you don’t need to pay for setting up a whole bunch of other information, like a map location, or key people or other items. Just use your base Landing Page and we will insert your ad right into it. The Banners and Sidebars of course will link to your landing page.

This can be like having your own web site, but without a whole bunch of costs and hassles. This entire page you are reading right is just one example of a Landing Page.

Are you ready to promote your business to Internet users? Are you ready to use our low-cost services to build your web presence super affordably and effectively? We are ready to work with you to move your business forward!

Is there anything else I can do besides a newspaper ad or a digital ad for promotion?

Everybody has a story – whether it is your business or organization – we want to help tell yours. Not only can we provide digital advertising, landing pages, and newspaper in-print ads we can also provide branded stories for your business or event. We can also provide business essentials like invoice books and cheques, and posters and tickets for your event. Already have fliers? Consider using our print edition as a vehicle to distribute your fliers across the Peace Region. We have a wider circulation at a reasonable rate compared to regular post.

How can I contact you?

Use the handy Contact Form below. We will be in personal touch in no more than two business days.