ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20

Aries, you are on fire lately. There’s seemingly nothing you touch that won’t turn to gold afterward. This trend will continue, but try not to let it go to your head.

TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21

Taurus, unless you take swift action, you could be heading for a financial free-fall. Start to pull back spending for a while and see if the situation will right itself.

GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21

It’s time to make amends with someone who did you wrong, Gemini. Life is too short to hold grudges, and this person has mended his or her ways since.

CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22

Cancer, when plans change on a dime, you are ready to roll with the new situation. Higher-ups could get a peek at your quick thinking, which can land you a promotion.

LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23

Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way this week, Leo. You may not get many chances to prove your worth in the weeks to come, so it’s important to act now.

VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22

Virgo, it is important to remember that your online presence never goes away. Watch what you post and say in social media groups, as it could come back to bite you.

LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 23

Something that started out as a part-time venture could turn into much more, Libra. Figure out if this is the path you see yourself going and then jump on it.

SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov 22

Let loose and have fun for a change, Scorpio. Don’t delay when others want to invite you out for a night on the town or even a brunch. Say “yes” to any and all opportunities.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23/Dec 21

There’s a lot going on right now and it may have your head spinning, Sagittarius. Delegate some of your workload if you can. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

CAPRICORN – Dec 22/Jan 20

Family matters come to the forefront this week, Capricorn. You must dig in deep to address them. There are two sides to every story, so try to get all the facts first.

AQUARIUS – Jan 21/Feb 18

Just when you started to lose hope, that new horizon you were seeking comes into view, Aquarius. It is well-deserved and there will be smiles for the weeks ahead.

PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20

Pisces, if you find yourself with too much extra time on your hands, why not volunteer with the community to pass the time?


JUNE 26 Ariana Grande, Singer (29)

JUNE 27 J.J. Abrams, Filmmaker (56)

JUNE 28 Elon Musk, Entrepreneur (51)

JUNE 29 Kawhi Leonard, Athlete (31)

JUNE 30 Fantasia Barrino, Singer (38)

JULY 1 Pamela Anderson, Actress (55)

JULY 2 Margot Robbie, Actress (32)