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  1. LaCrete Bridge

    There still has been no consultation over the bridge. Clifford Christian is taken to court by Alden Armstrong over his dealings on fb and the signage he done. PPMS members are feeling like they have no voice. Covid has been used to not consult or inform its a sad state of affairs on PPMS. I feel there is so much corruption, nepotism and personal gain. Each year is just getting worse. I have started the petition again in hopes that the members be heard. The members need help to be heard

    Dawn Cardinal

  2. Real hard to find the Lesser Slave Lake fishing survey. Deadline noon Feb 7. Try and follow links right at bottom of page

  3. I am messaging in a hope to remain anonymous but how you will do your thing and investigate / expose a COVID coverup.

    About 2 weeks ago an employee checked in with COVID like symptoms and was sent home. This employee was later found to test positive for the Virus. At this time (a major store in the Peace River region – name withheld at this time by moderator pending fact finding) failed to inform employees or do any contact tracing. Employees were not informed of this positional exposure for almost 2 weeks. This not only put the staff but the general public at risk as a large portion of the community and areas frequent this location.

    I hope you are able to find more information and bring this to light. Thanks!

  4. Thank you Falher!
    Once again, I saw the community of Falher organize a class A event!
    I was fortunate to attend the HoneyFest Festival celebrating Falher’s
    100th b-day this past weekend along with my family.
    There was something to satisfy all ages.

    My family visit my remaining relatives in Falher regularly and we enjoy
    returning for the big events. It never ceases to amaze me how such
    a small population manages to work together to provide wonderful
    memories for us all, time after time. This proves to me that community
    spirit and pride, generosity, and hard work are alive and well in
    small town Alberta, especially in this small town!
    Kudos to all the organizers and volunteers!

    Monique (Bellerive) Holm
    St.Albert, Alberta

    1. Today is Sept. 25. There hasn’t been an article, obit or notice in the Smoky River Express since August 28. I hope the editors are all right and haven’t left us high and dry.


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