The Page – September 7, 2022

Wow! What a fuss over the dismissal of Lisa LaFlamme on CTV News.
The big rumour is she was let go over her hair colour. Seems it was turning a tad grey in her final days as news anchor. Bigwigs did not approve of a female being so grey! So the rumours go!
The Page figures Laflamme should be the new spokesperson for Grecian Formula. What a match made in heaven! It might even get her job back!
The Page is also thankful his South Peace News bosses don’t feel the same way as CTV News. He would have been shown the door long ago!

The teenage boy was asked in class what the greatest invention was that occurred in a lab.
“Blonds,” he replied.
Valedictorian material for sure!

A tidbit The Page agrees with now that the NHL season is around the corner.
The NHL has Hockey Day in Canada, Hockey Day in the USA, the Heritage Classic and Outdoor Classics.
How about an Original Six Day where Toronto plays Montreal, Chicago plays Detroit and New York Rangers play Boston? A great way to celebrate the history of the game and teach the younger generation what hockey was all about in days past.

This tidbit from the RCMP in Fort Saskatchewan caught The Page’s eye.
It seems on Aug. 15 a male stole over $12,000 worth of designer fragrances at a local business.
It shouldn’t be too hard to catch him. Just go “sniffing” around town and arrest the best-smelling dude you can find!

The Alberta government just announced the completion of a “successful” three-day trip to South Korea. Did you know South Korea is Alberta’s fifth largest export market?
Funny how all these trips are successful. None of them ever flop! Yes, the government writes the news releases and sings the praises of successful trip after successful trip. Seems nothing ever goes wrong!
If that is the case, The Page wonders why we had to spend money on this trip because all the other trips were so darn successful. Just look in the government news release archives. It is what they wrote!

The Page gives a big “Thumbs Up” to the Alberta government for actions taken Aug. 31.
With the most recent fiscal forecast surplus estimated at $13.2 billion in 2022-23, the government announced they would make the largest single-year debt repayment in Alberta’s history, repaying $13.4 billion due this fiscal year. They are also allocating $5.2 billion to debt coming due in 2023-24. They are also topping up the Heritage Fund to the tune of $2.9 billion.
During times of extra income, politicians of all parties like to spent the windfall like drunken sailors and try to buy your votes. The actions taken to repay the debt are commendable! This action will benefit our children and grandchildren down the road by easing future financial pressures.

As of Sept. 1, how about that harvest weather! Hope it continues!

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