The Page – September 29, 2021

Yes, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pulled off a miracle! He did something astounding the West never thought would occur. The man is amazing! Brilliant, in fact!
He has made his father, Pierre, look good!
Seriously, it looks like more of the same in Ottawa the next few years. Which means Western Canada will still get screwed!

The Page is very pleased with one aspect of the Sept. 20 federal election.
He got to take home a pencil! A big fat pencil he gets to use for weeks!
It’s the most The Page expects to get from Ottawa except a big honking tax bill and more rhetoric from Trudeau.
Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make The Page happy!
The Page is confused, however. He was confident with all the promises made each pencil was sure to have a “Vote Liberal” logo on it somewhere.

Onto more important matters! Municipal elections Oct. 18.
Did you see the list of candidates? Five people running for mayor in McLennan and 19 for six council seats in Peace River. Wow!
See our full list in this newspaper.
In many cases, voters will definitely have a reason to go to the polls!
South Peace News is asking all the candidates to send profiles to this newspaper for publication in the paper and on various websites.

It was 106 years ago today that construction began on High Prairie’s Gillispie elevator. It later opened in time to sell the current year’s crop and was the first elevator in the north.
The Page heard one farmer complaining that grain prices haven’t risen since.

It was 50 years ago today on Sept. 29, 1971 when South Peace News reported Leonarda’s Beauty Salon in High Prairie opened under the new ownership of Helen Sandor. The former name of the business was The Beauty Spot.
Working for Sandor were Carol Lysiak and Lillian Guerin as well as Joan McLean. Yes, the same Joan McLean who at last word was still cutting hair.
How about that!

The Page received a friendly reminder Sept. 22 to register for the Government of Alberta’s $1 million vaccine lottery.
It was the “bribery scheme” of Premier Jason Kenney to get more Albertans vaccinated. Albertans who received two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine were encouraged to register online for a chance to win the big prize.
The Page is worried about how he is going to spend his winnings! Not to worry, however. He has lots of friends who will help!

The Page does not to offend anyone regarding vaccinations so he apologizes in advance but. . .
About this $1 million lottery, and the extra $100 for people who chose to receive their vaccines late.
Really! Let’s think about this $100 prize. You actually reward all those people who didn’t do their due diligence. It is sort of like telling the child who gets to school late each day to go home early as a reward. Bleah!
Let’s face it. Alberta’s vaccine promotion is a disaster. The problem is not hard to figure out. Since March 2020, Albertans have had to endure endless suffering by watching Premier Jason Kenney and chief medical officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw deliver the message. Albertans were not getting the message and had to be enticed [bribed is a better word!] to get vaccinated.
The Page has a simple question. When the public is not buying into a message delivered, what is usually done?
You change the messenger! Many Albertans are sick and tired of Kenney and Hinshaw yet day after day it is those two who are trotted out before the cameras.
How about using some of that dough to get Connor McDavid [or insert your favourite sports star or celebrity] to deliver the message? Heck, McDavid might even do it for free as a public service. Then kids are asking their parents if they got vaccinated. The pressure is on the parents. If Connor says it’s good, then it must be good!
But when you have egos involved like Kenney and Hinshaw, we just get the same old, same old.
And you wonder why this has failed miserably!

Speaking of Kenney, he is as popular as a skunk at a picnic, as Joussard’s Guy L’Heureux says.
No doubt rubbing her hands with glee over all the turmoil and rumours of Kenney being punted like a bad football is NDP leader Rachel Notley. We doubt she has any fingerprints left!
The Page asks people to think about one thing: after a federal election and municipal election, do we really want a province election?
All The Page is happy about is has pencil to mark his ballot!

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