The Page September 28, 2022

Definition of caught between a rock and a hard place?
Being an Alberta United Conservative Party member and reading a recent poll telling you Brian Jean has the best chance of defeating Rachel Notley in the next provincial election, but suspecting Danielle Smith will win the leadership race.

The Page was browsing through the High Prairie and Area Discussion Facebook page Sunday and what did he see? Two ads for Walmart!
Last time The Page checked there was no Walmart in town. Sigh!

Not only that, there was an item heralding Slave Lake’s new splash park. The obvious question is, what happened to High Prairie’s efforts?
The fact is someone has to spearhead the project. Take the bull by the horns. Take the ball and run with it.
Enough of the cliches! But the town does need someone to step forward.

The Page was at a local drug store last week and bough some dishwashing soap after seeing all those wonderful commercials on TV telling him how good the stuff was.
Have to say he was very disappointed. Not any directions on the bottle anywhere telling him how to use it!
Besides that, you can’t plug it in anywhere! Ah, the life of a bachelor!

The Page watched Back to God’s Country at the High Prairie Museum during Culture Days and enjoyed the movie. It had adventure, romance, murder, a chase scene and a happy ending!
The movie was just over an hour long. While the plot moved along quickly enough, all that piano music was bit tiring! Plink, plink, plink!
Please see a feature story on the historic cabin where the film was made on page 13. Interesting stuff!

There seems to be a day to recognize anything and everything. Ice cream, salads, grandparents, workers, and the like. In fact, a quick look at Google during any given day and you can find dozens of days held in recognize something.
Depending on where you live, nations declare days in honour of a specific subject. So do provinces and even local governments. Today, Sept. 28, is National Drink Beer Day and National Good Neighbour Day. Interesting how these two share the same day! It is also National Strawberry Cream Day. On the world stage, we are “celebrating” International Poke Day and World Rabies Day.
Years ago, Town of High Prairie Councillor Wayne Forrester used to keep a running tab of the declarations council made.
“Number 46,” he said, or whatever number it happened to be.
There are so many declarations, one understands they begin to lose their impact. However, there is a purpose to these declarations. It is all about publicity. Given the person, name or product in question, it is an easy job for the media to help promote the said subject and attach a fancy declaration to it. In the end, it works!
The Page brings this up because Sept. 24 was Reservists’ Recognition Day in Alberta. What! Never heard of it! Ah, ha! It was the first time it was recognized in the Land of the Wild Rose.
What exactly is this?
“Alberts is honouring those who support their fellow citizens and serve their country through part-time military service with the first-ever Reservists’ Recognition Day,” the Alberta government wrote The Page.
The day is held the last Saturday of September. Alberta joins Manitoba as the only Canadian province to recognize such a day.
Now you know!

A young boy about nine ears old enters a barber shop. The barber whispers to his customer, “Do you want to see a stupid kid? Watch this!”
“Hey, boy, come here!” he shouts and the boy comes over.
“Here’s a toonie in one hand and a loonie in the other,” he says. “Which one do you want?”
The boy quickly takes the loonie and leaves.
After his haircut, the customer goes outside and sees the boy on a bench licking an ice cream come. The customer cannot resist asking.
“Young man,” he says, “how come you didn’t take the toonie from the barber?”
“Sir,” says the boy. “The day I take the toonie the game is over!”

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