The Page – September 22, 2021

Well, here we are in another health crisis!
The Page is not an expert in the field and cannot offer any good advice. However, he was told the other day that masks were a good thing because it covered up his face.
Isn’t modern technology wonderful? They actually make masks big enough to cover The Page’s mouth!
Hey, gotta poke fun at yourself sometimes!
Anyone notice that big green plant growing from the flower box in High Prairie’s east end this summer?
It has since been removed.
It was not a tomato plant but something similar. Yes, it was a plant some of us refer as “emotional fescue”.
The Page hears its removal has High Prairie Community Beautification Association members miffed. Another fundraising project down the drain!
Just kidding!
Years ago, the same thing happened to the flower pots in Fairview on Main Street. Bright green plants amidst all those beautiful petunias.
No one ever confessed to either “seeding” but it caused a few chuckles in both towns.
Sad to hear of the passing of former High Prairie Minor Hockey coach Bob Nazar. Please see obituary on page 23.
Also, NPHL legend Dennis Aspeslet passed away recently.
Condolences to all families.
Aspeslet is tied for sixth on the all-time NPHL All-Star awards list with eight. He is tied with Braden Gamble and former High Prairie Regal great Ron Rose.
Who is first on the list? Terry Houlder with 15, Eric Henitiuk 12, Travis Cunningham [former Regal and Lakeland Eagle] with nine, former Regal Darwyn Peterson, also with nine, as well as Mike Tookey.
For the record, Cunningham also played in Horse Lake and Valleyview.
How about those High Prairie Renegades?
After enduring loss after loss since their inception, they won! Big! A 34-6 thrashing of Valleyview Hillside Sept. 10.
It goes without saying the team has suffered terrible losses for many years. But persevere they did. And finally, a win!
Congratulations! Victory must have so sweet!
On another local football note, it was 59 years ago today that the High Prairie Progress reported efforts to form a high school football team in town fail.
Now we have one!
Also on this day in 1985, Larry Brown, 38, of Enilda, went missing on a hunting trip but found his way out of the bush two days later.
We know there are many hunting enthusiasts locally. Be safe, everyone!
One last history note. It has now been over 30 years since cigarettes were sold at the Sports Palace.
It was common for smokers to satisfy their nicotine cravings at local arenas for years. The Page remembers his father enjoying his favourites at the rink.
Yes, times have sure changed. Didn’t think it was that long ago, however.
The Page has a lot of bad habits but smoking isn’t one of them! His dream is to marry a blond model nymphomaniac who has several million dollars and owns a chain of liquor stores!
Hope the local men of the cloth don’t read this!
Three cheers for the federal election being over!
If you don’t think Canadians are tough, we managed to make it through this waste of time and effort. Hooray for us!
Which would you rather endure: a Canadian federal election, a winter in Inuvik, or stand naked in December at Portage and Main in Winnipeg?

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