The Page – October 19, 2022

Well, we were all worried about that!
The Alberta government is changing the name of Alberta Provincial Court to Alberta Court of Justice. The government says the new name will better reflect the court’s fundamental role of administering justice for the citizens it serves.
The Page thinks a bigger step in administering better justice would be tougher penalties for crooks instead of a name change.
Gosh, that is far too extreme for government to consider!

The Page was sent a news release citing only nine per cent of girls in Canada aspire to be prime minister.
The reasons, according to Plan International, are unchecked gender discrimination, stereotyping and blatant sexism. All contribute to telling girls there is no place for them in politics.
Hmmm! Locally, we have female mayors in Peace River, Falher and Donnelly, and a female reeve in Northern Sunrise County. We have female CAOs in Peace River (soon-to-be), Girouxville, McLennan, the M.D. of Smoky River, and Northern Sunrise County. Sorry if The Page’s foggy memory forgot anyone!
Even more exist in local school jurisdictions!
The Page doesn’t know about this prime minister aspiration but to say there is no place for females in politics in the local newspaper coverage area seems a bit off base.
Take a bow, ladies, for getting involved!

The Page could not help notice the photo in the Edmonton Sun last week of the United Conservative Party caucus posing with soon-to-be Premier Danielle Smith.
Did anyone notice that Lesser Slave Lake MLA was nowhere to be seen?
The Page enlisted the help of a few more sets of eyes and no one could find him.
There are 60 UCP MLAs in Alberta and there were 58 people in the photo. You do the math.

Central Peace – Notley MLA Todd Loewen is back in the UCP fold! How touching!
Seriously, it is good news to have a voice in government caucus, no matter which party is governing.
The Page congratulates Loewen for sticking to his principles against the Jason Kenney government.
Time to move forward!

Speaking of politics, if the NDP defeats Danielle Smith in the next provincial election, and Smith happens to win her seat, will she cross the floor to join Notley’s Orange Crush team?
Just asking!

A front page story in the Slave Lake Lakeside Leader Oct. 12 is bad news for us in the South Peace and Smoky River regions.
The M.D. of Opportunity is tossing around a lot of “perks” to attract professionals to the area.
What is included in the early Christmas gift package that applies year-round? A season pass to a golf course valued at $500, an annual pass for all M.D. additional rec facilities valued at $250, free daycare for professionals’ children for six months (value undisclosed), and long-service awards. This is in addition to much bigger salaries.
No truth to the rumour that caviar, steak and lobster were promised at every meal and a trip to Cancun each year!
The problem? Opportunity is blessed with resources and fat bank accounts. Locally, we do not have the resources to compete with Opportunity unless we go to Joe and Jane Taxpayer.
Unfair? Yes!
Would we do the same if the tables were turned? Probably so!

A not-so-bright young woman was having dinner. She just kept munching away at her food and was drawing quite a crowd.
“How can you eat that?” asked one person finally brave enough to speak.
“The pizza isn’t so bad,” she said. The crust isn’t so hot, however.”
“Lady,” said the bystander. “You’re eating a watermelon.”

A man goes into the doctor’s office for help.
“Doc,” he cries. “I can’t help it. I think I’m a dog. Its ruining my life. You have to help me!”
“Settle down,” says the doctor. “Just lie down on the couch and we’ll have a chat.”
“I can’t,” wails the man. “My wife says I’m not allowed on the furniture!”

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