The Page – October 12, 2022

The big news last week was Danielle Smith becoming Alberta’s new premier Oct. 6. She won the United Conservative Party leadership vote after receiving 54 per cent of the vote on the sixth preferential ballot.
The never-ending campaign to replace former premier Jason Kenney was bitter at times. In her acceptance speech, Smith said the following:
“Now is not the time for settling old scores or rivalries. It is not the time to punish our fellow conservatives for past mistakes. . .I am wiping the slate clean.”
Well, la de da!
Smith can only hope this is true. She is the one who crossed the floor and turned her back to join the ruling conservative government years ago. Many will never forget her act of betrayal. Many will never trust her. No wonder she wants everyone to forget past mistakes and set differences aside. It is like forgiving the fox for raiding the henhouse, then asking him to guard it again!
Oh, well! At least the conservatives can all unite on one matter. Their hatred of the NDP!
Let the games begin!

A last word on Kenney. Did you notice all the cheques he wrote the last few weeks? Talk about greasing the spoon for all your causes! No shortage of cash for the former premier’s favourite pet projects in his last days!
The Page is always amazed how much money becomes available when a politician wants to push their own cause! OK, maybe not that amazed!
And all those conservatives let it all happen with barely a whisper! The were all probably too busy forming alliances with the next leader than worry about governing the province. Fine lot they are!

It’s Miller time in Peace River!
Or is that Millar time!
The Page noted the irony in the Town of Peace River’s new CAO hire: Barbara Miller. Up the hill to the east at Northern Sunrise County is CAO Cindy Millar.
Two names pronounced the same but spelled differently!
The Page wishes the new Miller the best of luck and the current Millar continued success! Anyway you slice it, it’s Miller time! Or Millar time!

The fallout from Hockey Canada continues! Sponsors are dropping like flies after the well-publicized scandal. Canadian Tire. Tim Hortons. Quebec refusing to forward money. The list goes on.
Yet, the pooh-bahs who run Hockey Canada are not stepping aside. How these people can stay in their cushy jobs is mind boggling. It is disgusting how these people took money from the hockey moms and dads in Peace River, Falher, High Prairie, etc. to fund secret slush funds.
Folks, this is what happens when people are permitted to run organizations with complete power. The fact that so many people were in on this B.S. is proof positive that more than a few heads need to roll.
The Page feels for the hockey moms and dads across Canada who helped paid for this garbage.

A man was at a bar with his friends consoling himself over a few beers.
“Tough day?” asked the barkeeper.
“I got into an auto accident, I lost my job and I just found out all my stocks crashed! Then I went to the doctor and found out I have cancer,” he added.
“Wow, that’s a bad day!” said the barkeeper.
“Oh, well,” said the man, puling out his wallet. He then pulled out a photo of his wife of 30 years.
“Pretty lady,” says the barkeeper. “How romantic you always carry it around.”
“Oh, yes,” says the man. “In times like these I look at her photo and tell myself I can survive anything!”

Here is how you know you are getting old.
“I remember when I was young I could go to the store and with a quarter I could get a bottle of pop and a bag of chips,” said the old man.
“That sure was a long time ago,” said his friend.
“Sure can’t do that anymore, now they have cameras everywhere!”

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