The Page – November 9, 2022

A tidbit from Halloween just past.
A High Prairie lady tells The Page she had a lone trick-or-treater come to her place. It was a boy dressed in a long beard.
“Who are you supposed to be?” she asked.
“Jesus!” he says.
“Jesus doesn’t go trick-or-treating,” she said.
And what did the boy say?
“He does now!
The Page does not recall reading that in Psalms!

Please buy a poppy and proudly wear it until Remembrance Day!
Please see page 22 for a list of Remembrance Day services in the region. We apologize if we have missed any.
Once again, we have published photos of veterans in this edition. It is quite popular. Each year, we receive requests for the edition from all over Western Canada. Others phone throughout the year asking for a copy of a specific photo.
If you have a photo and want to add it next year, contact this newspaper at (780) 523-4484.

South Peace News’ mucky-mucks Jeff and Mary Burgar celebrated two milestones the last few weeks.
Oct. 25, they celebrated the 50th anniversary of publishing South Peace News together. If you can call eating a few pieces of cake celebrating. Sometimes they just aren’t much for celebrating! Jeff and Mary each worked for the paper several years before assuming ownership but we can’t give too much away at the risk of disclosing how old they are! Ha, ha!
Sept. 27, they also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Slave Lake Lakeside Leader which they purchased in 1981. The Leader published an eight-page supplement to mark the occasion Nov. 2. South Peace News published a similar supplement 10 years ago marking the 40th anniversary.
We believe South Peace News is the longest continuous family-operated business in the town of High Prairie. Jeff’s father, Reg, started the business with Bernice Carmichael in 1962.
And, editors Joe McWilliams and Chris Clegg have both worked for the Burgars for over 30 years. Trust us, that is unheard of in this business.

The Smoky River Chamber of Commerce is up and running and very active in Christmas promotions. Read all the details on page 3. The Page applauds them and president Nichole Simard!
Which begs the question: What is going on with the High Prairie and Area Chamber of Commerce?
Well, so far, nothing announced for Christmas and unlikely to be. The organization has not met since COVID and membership has dwindled to a scant few.
This seems to be the history of the chamber of High Prairie over the years, and if you read the Grouard News excerpts, the same with the Grouard Board of Trade from 1912-15. Membership and long-term sustainability are an ongoing issue.
Chambers are very important and can be extremely effective in promoting local business; however, it does take a lot of time and effort on behalf of its members. Time is not a luxury some merchants have.
The Page knows (off the record!) there is some interest in some new members but it has not yet come to fruition. Hopefully, the chamber can become more active and play its part to better serve the business community and town with a larger group ready to share the workload.

Speaking of Christmas celebrations, High Prairie Light-Up is Nov. 25. South Peace News will update everyone on plans in next week’s edition.
However, The Page can say the Santa Claus Parade goes back to its original starting point by the old water treatment plant and old route ending at the Civic Square in front of the old tourist booth. Santa will then extend best wishes before the lights are turned on. Then he and Mrs. Claus go to the fire hall to hand out treat to kids.
Please consider entering the parade. It’s free! Just show up and take part!

A girlfriend and boyfriend were having a terrible argument.
“If I married you, I would probably poison your supper,” she told him.
“Dear,” he replied. “If I married you, I would gladly eat it!”

“Would you like to be the sun in my life?” a man asked his sweetheart.
“Yes,” she said, batting her eyes and her heart all aflutter.
“Good,” he said. “Then stay 93 million miles away from me!”

You knew the marriage was in trouble when one day the wife was in front of the mirror.
“Honey,” she said. “I look fat and I’m so depressed. Please give me a big compliment!”
“OK,” he said. “You have perfect eyesight!”

Never play poker on the African savannah because there are too many cheetahs!

Did you hear about the gossip down at the store who collects more dirt than a vacuum cleaner?

Have a great week!

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