The Page – November 30, 2022

The Page received a very kind note from High Prairie Splash of Pretty owner Shelley Caouette last week.
Wait a minute! Did we not report Shelley Binstead last week!
Well, turns out she got married, unknown to us! Congratulations to her and the hubby! Sorry for the error!

In the photo last week High Prairie Community Beautification chair Chris Clegg (this week’s Page writer) accepted a $500 donation from Splash of Pretty. Much appreciated!
But what occurred after was even more amazing. As The Page was leaving Splash of Pretty he heard a honk. He looked out onto the street and a lady was in a car.
“Did you just come from there?” she asked.
“Yes!” said The Page.
“I’m going to make two appointments. Anyone who can make you look as good as that must be a miracle worker!”
The Page does not know whether to be flattered or insulted!
And if you believe that!

Peace Country hockey fans were saddened to hear Nov. 11 of the passing of long-time North Peace Hockey League president Jack McAvoy.
MacAvoy, 78, served as president for 41 years over two terms. He worked with vice-presidents from High Prairie including Leonard Olson, John Brodrick, and Wayne Forrester, and statistician Chris Clegg. McAvoy also served on the Alberta Sports Council with Jim McLean, another High Prairian.
McAvoy was also caretaker and manager of the Condy Meadows Golf Course in Manning. In short, if you were involved in sports in the Peace Country, you likely crossed paths with McAvoy. His no nonsense matter of dealing with matters quickly and decisively was appreciated by all. No dilly-dallying around with him.
He will be sorely missed. Condolences to his wife, Patty, and family.

Last week, Nov. 25, was the 107th anniversary of the last edition of the Grouard News newspaper, which published from 1912-15. Wow!

It was 45 years ago today that teams from High Prairie, Falher, Manning, McLennan, and Valley- view agreed to form the Smoky River Minor Hockey League.
Today, all are members of the All Peace Minor Hockey League.

The Town of McLennan Christmas Light-Up is Dec. 3 starting at 6:30 p.m.
In partnership with the Northern Alberta Railway Museum, Kimiwan Birdwalk and Leisure Recreation Society, come and enjoy a bonfire and singing. Inside the museum will be coffee and hot chocolate, popcorn and cookies. Seems like that covers everything on The Page’s “like” list.
Smoky River FCSS will be on site accepting donations if you wish to donate.

Here is a great idea!
The Northern Association for FASD in High Prairie is holding Christmas Mocktails Dec. 7 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the High Prairie Native Friendship Centre.
There will be non-alcoholic mocktails to taste, recipes to share, and a gift basket draw.
Please, to all expecting mothers, do not drink at all during pregnancy! Hopefully, this event will provide you with a tastier and safer alternative.

Did you know the difference between a well-dressed man on a unicyle and a poorly dressed man on a bicycle is attire!

A wife got so mad at her husband one day she gathered up his belongings and told him to get out.
“I hope you have a long, painful death!” she screamed.
“Oh,” said the husband. “So you want me to stay?”

There was long drought in Australia that went on for weeks. Finally, the rains came and all the animals were delighted.
Except the kangaroo!
“What’s wrong,” asked the koala bear.
“Now the kids will want to play inside,” she said.

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