The Page – November 23, 2022

This Friday, Nov. 25 is the big day in High Prairie and Peace River!
Both communities are holding Santa Claus Parades with other events surrounding the arrival of Santa.
Peace River calls its parade the Annual Holiday Parade and it starts at 5 p.m. Floats entering can win Santa’s Choice prizes including Brilliantly Big Float, Spectacular Small Float, “Get Loud and Proud” Float, and Red, White and Wonderful Float.
For more information or to register, please call the Peace River and District Chamber of Commerce at (780) 624-4166.
In High Prairie, the parade begins at the old water treatment plant (its traditional route) before ending at the Civic Square downtown. Entrants are asked to gather at the old water plant by 6:30 p.m. The parade starts at 6:45 p.m. and ends around 7 p.m. when the Christmas lights will be turned on downtown. In past years, 1,000 people have jammed into the downtown core to watch the lights go on before visiting Santa at the fire hall.
Word late last week has it there might be a late change in High Prairie. All we can say at this time is watch South Peace News’ website and the High Prairie Community Beautification Facebook page for updates. Otherwise, business as usual.
The Page reminds shoppers everywhere to look for good deals at stores and various markets in both communities.

This past Nov. 21 marked an historic day.
Tweety turned 80. Boy, does The Page feel old!

We are experiencing a backlog of copy to publish in South Peace News. We ask readers to please bear with us.

The Page is confused about the recent letter sent to High Prairie town council from the High Prairie and Area Chamber of Commerce.
It can be asked where the mandate for this letter came from. The chamber has not had an official meeting in over two years so there was no real mandate from the entire membership. Still, a lot of good points and concerns were brought forward in the letter.
Then we have town council receive the letter for information. No discussion No debate. No care at all. No response saying they look forward to meeting with the chamber to attain common goals. And what might be common goals, you ask?
The chamber asked if council was building and maintain relationships with other local governments, including First Nations and Metis Settlement councils, as well as neighbouring towns, municipal districts and counties?
No response from council.
Are there ongoing, or future plans, to improve usage and financial performance of local recreational facilities?
No response from council.
Is the old hospital site going to be a stand-alone concept, or part of overall future strategic planning of the town?
No response from council.
Will the public be asked for input on possibilities for the existing downtown core area, and the west, south and east commercial areas? Are there any plans for efforts to attract new business, industry or job opportunities to the community or region?
No response from council.
Given that Tim Hortons will soon open, and there are ongoing efforts to add new commercial tenants to the East Gate development, has any thought been given to the fact there is no sidewalk network to the area?
No response from council.
There are other matters.
The Page knows council is discussing matters cited in the chamber’s letter. Why they chose to ignore the chamber’s letter and not update them is mind boggling. The Page says town council should have at least responded to the letter in some form. Ignoring it does no one any good.

Last week, Nov. 21 to be exact, United Conservative Party members chose Peace River MLA Dan Williams as new deputy party whip, whatever the heck that is!
Anyway, here is the statement from Williams:
“As deputy whip I plan to focus on a stable, competent governing caucus that puts Albertans first. This role is incredibly important to carrying out the business of government. I look forward to working with Premier (Danielle) Smith and the rest of our United Conservative team in my new position.”
Just one question: what has changed? Nothing, really!

Do not forget the Ukrainian Baba Supper Nov. 24 at the Elks Rodeo Hall just north of High Prairie.
Please see details on page 2 of last week’s newspaper. Kubasa, cabbage rolls, perogies, dessert, drink and more are on the menu.
The Page reminds everyone that drop-offs plates to South Peace News will be appreciated!

Have a great week, everyone, and enjoy the Santa Claus Parades!

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