The Page – November 16, 2022

Santa Claus Parades! Are there any planned?
See story in this week’s newspaper on page 3 for the answer.

Just when you thought we might again be wondering, in December no less, if it was going to be a “White Christmas” Mother Nature answered with a firm “Absolutely, Yes!”
A terrific warm September and October, with hardly a piffle of rain, seemed to be par for the course as November arrived. There have been years, fondly remembered, when it seemed there would be no snow in November, and perhaps even no snow in the first few weeks of December. Is it possible, the question was tossed around in dark corners of watering holes and coffee shops, there will be no snow for Christmas?
Personally, our memory is so foggy, we can’t even remember when Remembrance Day didn’t have snow. So never mind late November and any time in December.
But we are sure there have been “brown” Novembers at least.
In any event, the question was answered as the snow came down, by the snowplow load, early last week, Nov. 7 or Nov. 8 or so, the date varying by where you live in the Peace Country or even in Alberta. Southern Alberta getting it earlier than we hardy northern folk, those poor folks down south! Tsk!
So, barring weird tropical weather, always possible these days, it is almost guaranteed to be a White Christmas.

Peace Country tire shops are jam-packed busy as drivers switch over to their winter tires.
We still hear the story in our house, “I have ‘all-season’ tires so I don’t need winter shoes. I didn’t need them 10 or 15 years ago, so I don’t need them now!”
Actually, tire shops will explain there is a big difference between tires made today and those made one or two decades ago. Most of this is due to government rules on fuel mileage. Auto manufacturers are tweaking everything they can to meet the rules, from streamlining to vehicle weight to asking tire people to build a gas friendly tire.
The result, as far as tires go, is they ride quieter and use less fuel, they are not so good as they used to be in below zero temperatures.
Check with your local dealer for their recommends.

Actor Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy.
His latest move, not movie but move, is the idea he wants to buy the Ottawa Senators NHL hockey team.
He admits he can’t pay the $800 million or so the team might fetch. On the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he said he needed somebody with deep pockets to front him.
“A fancy way of saying I need a sugar mommy or sugar daddy.”

Anybody following the mid-term elections down in the United States, has to be scratching their heads. As of the writing of this item, Friday, Nov. 11, nobody knows for sure which party, Democrat or Republican, won the House of Representatives or the Senate. As more than one person has commented, what a screwy system!
In the main, it is a very close race in the American Senate. Vote counting since Tuesday is slow because of mail in ballots, troubles with voting machines, and extra care taken to make sure the voting is honest.
Plus, in at least one state, if the candidate with the most votes does not get 50 per cent or more, the bottom contestants are dropped off and there is a runoff vote, which won’t happen for another several weeks. In the Senate, because just one winner in one state might mean the difference which party might “win” control of the Senate by having a majority, this is already happening. In the House of Representatives the other factors are in play, dragging this out.

An announcer on CTV News tried to explain why it is taking so long to declare a winner after another announcer asked why. The answering announcer said, “It is because it is a bicameral” form of government.
This is a useless answer! Bicameral simply means there are two houses of government, Senate and House of Representatives. Same as Canada. Here we have the House of Commons and the Senate.
That’s the same kind of answer as a Peace Country councillor, when asked once upon a time why local taxes were going up so much in his town, answered, “It’s because of inflation and prices are going up.”
So, inflation is going up by three per cent. Local taxes are going up seven per cent.
And that’s the reason?
Let’s just stick with “It’s a screwy system” down in the States. Locally, well that’s a screwball non-answer.

“Superman don’t need no seat belt,” boxer Muhammud Ali once told a flight attendant.
She replied, “Superman doesn’t need no airplane either.”
Ali fastened his belt.

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