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Here’s a Tip of the Page Hat to organizers, exhibitors, volunteers and of course, all the people who attended both the recent Peace River Trade Show and the High Prairie Gun and Sportsman Show.
Ever since the COVID shutdowns, many businesses, including trade shows, suffered reduced attendance, losses and closures. Many are slowly coming back everywhere in Alberta. As far as trade shows, both the Edmonton Sportsmen Show and Home and Garden Show had good attendances this year. The High Prairie show had one of its best attendances ever.
Well done, everybody!

Beleaguered? Baffled? Bedazzled? Buffaloed? Bedraggled?
All of the above? Any of the words, plus a whole bunch more, would be suitable for describing, umm, let’s call them the befuddled members of High Prairie town council.
They don’t seem to know anything. They don’t seem to care much about anything. They don’t even promise to ‘do better,’ acting as if “There is nothing to see here folks. Move along. Move along.”
Out of touch with reality is another good description? Wait! Maybe town council has its finger on the pulse of the community. Maybe they know exactly how to read the room. Maybe they know, deep in their politically wise souls, the voters of High Prairie don’t really care. After all, the organizers of a recall petition didn’t get the numbers they hoped for.
None of the three councillors named in the petition called the local newspaper to say anything. Not even a “Ha! See? Voters love us. It’s just a few troublemakers once again trying to make waves in our beautiful community! Now, we are just going back to our good governance. And transparency. And accountability.”
Of course, there is that little problem of the Campus Based Treatment Centre, formerly known as the YAC.
The mayor’s comment, “We lobbied a little,” should have had councillors’ up in arms. But in actual fact, they just sat there like mushrooms. Fed BS and kept in the dark. It’s a shame it has to be put in print, because they just can’t seem to get it through their heads that’s exactly what they are. A mushroom council.

Beating to death High Prairie council is supposed to be old news. You know, let the bad news die. They mean well. It’s such a thankless job, right?
But some things just won’t go away. As in a small group of council supporters coming to chambers to pat the council on the back for not buying the old AHS hospital land.
“Council should not be in the commercial development business,” they swooned.
Councillor Donna Deynaka and Mayor Brian Panasiuk could not move themselves to point out, when Linda Cox was mayor and they sat as councillors, Cox lobbied extensively, with their support, to have AHS give or sell them the land so it could be turned into a park. Did Deynaka and Panasiuk forget? Or just thought it was great politics to not bring up that troubling little fact?

We often run across stories from across Canada regarding park lands and the local governments involved. Almost all of them talk about going above and beyond to save parks. As is often said, “Once it’s gone, its never coming back.”
Right here in Alberta, Strathmore mayor Pat Fule talked about a new seniors’ lodge to be built on scrub land adjacent to the existing Kinsmen Park in Strathmore.
Says the mayor, the scrub land “has never really been considered part of the park, we think that part of the property where you could basically, as a senior in your golden years, step out of a lodge and be in a park would be an amazing addition to quality of life. We feel that the seniors are the pillars of our building and growing community over the many years, and we just want to continue to support them, and we think that property will be really good for them.”
Very well said!
Yes, an 11-acre park about 100 or so metres from the existing Pleasantview Lodge seniors’ lodge would have been quite nice, don’t you think?

Speaking of well said, Lesser Slave Lake UCP MLA Scott Sinclair is quoted in the May edition of Alberta Outdoors magazine.
In a wide-ranging opinion piece by Neil Waugh, he mentioned several MLAs weighing in on the federal government inserting itself in areas that are rightfully provincial jurisdiction. Hence the Province’s move to prevent municipalities from cutting deals with the feds all on their lonesome with no provincial consultation. Case in point, the NDP/Liberal friendly City of Edmonton talks over an urban national park in the city.
Several MLAs mentioned the feds in deals like this. Sinclair himself said, “Albertans are tired of this imperial disaster of a federal government, Emperor Trudeau and their CEO Jagmeet Vader and the rest of the champagne socialists on the Death Star.”
A tad late, but May the Fourth be with you Scott!

Have a great week!

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