The Page – May 4, 2022

People like us who live in the “sticks” as city folks like to say, do not know much.
Well, we country bumpkins know a lot more than city folk. We are smart enough to live where the air is clean, where we know our neighbour, and we are not crowded like ants in a hill or bees in a hive. Do not even mention the stench of pollution. We could go on and on.
The Page used to hear the story about how unconcerned city folk were about the troubles in agriculture.
“What do we care? We’ll just go to the store and buy our food?”
Yes, some people are that stupid! The Page was actually leery of this story because it is so ridiculous.
Not now!
Last week on an old Cash Cab episode [The Page watches it before Corner Gas reruns!] three people jumped into the Cash Cab and had won a few hundred dollars. They went double or nothing on the video bonus question. The cabbie showed them a photo of a combine harvesting. The question was simple; “What is the name of this machine?”
The answer: a cultivator! What!
The Page might be assuming incorrectly they were from Toronto. Nonetheless, anyone who doesn’t know what a combine is in Canada is a few bricks short of a load, or the elevator does not reach the top.
Sheesh! The Page is still shaking his head.

Did you hear about the man who is in deep trouble with his girlfriend?
“I dreamt about you last night?” he told his sweetie.
“I’m flattered,” she said batting her eyes.
“Worst sleep I ever had,” he replied.
Wonder if the doghouse is more comfortable?

Earth Day went by April 22 without much fanfare in the region.
Just saying!

Definition of confusion in the Senate?
It is when they begin roll call and the senators do not know whether to say “Here!” or “Not guilty!”

The Page knows someone who is so cheap he has rubber pockets in his pants so he can steal soup from the restaurant.

Seems like High Prairie is not the only community struggling to urge citizens to use recreation facilities more.
At the other end of the lake, as High Prairians like to say, Slave Lake town council debated the matter April 19. Taken from our sister newspaper, the Lakeside Leader, part of the story reads:
Councillor Steve Adams asked why there are so many different types of passes for the Multi-Recreation Centre. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on annual memberships? People can’t afford that, was the answer.
Why don’t we invoice them [users] every month, was Mayor Tyler Warman’s suggestion.
A huge increase in paperwork, said director Jillian Hutchings.
“We don’t have the manpower.”
Shawn Gramlich had an idea. How about charging a $2 drop-in fee across the board, and see how much usage increases.
Warman agreed.
“I feel like every year we’re leaving revenue on the table.”
Slave Lake is not unique. Everyone has the same problem. How much do you drop fees to increase usage at the risk of having the rest of the taxpayers pay more to offset deficits through general taxation? It is senseless to suggest recreation break even but what happened to the user pay philosophy? People do not like to hear this, but they all want nice things but want someone else to pay.
Look around us. McLennan closed the H.W. Fish arena and Falher their curling rink. The white flags are waving all around High Prairie and Slave Lake. Costs are escalating and no one wants to pay. The time is coming when simply throwing more money at the problem is futile. The taxpayer cannot be siphoned for more money much longer.

It’s NHL playoff time!
Yes, indeed, that time of year where husbands are happy and wives are angry they can’t get their hubbies off the couch to do any work in the yard!
This year, Canadians have a lot to get excited about. Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto have real chances to make a serious run at the Stanley Cup, which has not been won by a Canadian team since Montreal in 1993.
Calgary has balance, great goaltending, and can win any type of game. In Edmonton, when you have Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl you always have a chance [plus a first-round bye against Los Angeles], and in Toronto – well – you at least have hope! You realize Toronto has not played in a final since 1967! That is 55 years and counting. It’s the only time in history where more Leafs fans have not seen their team win a Cup than those who have.
The Page has done extensive research and knows who to blame. Pierre Trudeau became prime minister in 1968, the year after Toronto won. Seems Trudeau not only fouled things out west but also in the east. Yes, even the Leafs!

April showers bring May flowers!
Have a great week!

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