The Page – May 3, 2023

It always seems worse when petty theft affects charities.
Every November, we read that somewhere someone has stolen a poppy box. The public is outraged and wonders how anyone could stoop so low.
Recently at High Prairie A&W, the MS jar was stolen. People drop change and the odd bill into the jar for charity. In this case, the culprit cut the cord attached to the jar which allowed him to slither away with his newfound “fortune.”
And we do say “him” because he was caught on tape. Shall we say he is no stranger to local law enforcement officials?
Here’s hoping charges are laid and he is prosecuted.
It reminds The Page of a court case in High Prairie years ago. Judge Roger P. Smith was sitting and heard details on a repeat offender. When asked what to do with him, Judge Smith responded, “Stronger locks on the doors!”

Well, how about that! Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and the UCPs are promising to not raise taxes!
April 26, Smith signed the UCP’s No Tax Hike Guarantee. It is a pledge a UCP government will not increase personal or business taxes, if elected in the upcoming provincial election. She asked all UCP candidates to sign the pledge.
Then the usual blah, blah, blah in the rest of the news release.
The Page is just a bit leery of this. First, politicians will say anything to get elected. We all know that.
Second, what happens if the oil and gas industry goes into the tank again. On April 26, West Texas Crude was trading at around $75 a barrel. In economic terms, that is great for Alberta. Money is rolling in.
But what happens if the oil market falls? It always cycles. Prices rise and fall like a thermometer in winter and summer. Times are good now, but what happens to the Alberta budget if oil falls to $30 or $40 per barrel? Revenues drop but the bills still have to be paid. The money has to come from somewhere.
Third, local villages, towns and municipal districts tell you the Alberta government is down- loading services onto them. Will a promise of no tax hike result in even more downloading?
Just saying.

Who doesn’t like KD?
KD, of course, being Kraft Dinner. The iconic macaroni and cheese dish also known as a bachelor’s paradise!
Makers of KD recently celebrated World Art Day April 15 by challenging its patrons to create art by using noodles. On its website, KD showed images of noodles similar to the Mona Lisa.
The Page can’t imagine people doing this. He’s too busy cooking up KD and devouring it to worry about making art. Does that mean The Page isn’t a culture vulture?

The Page sees Premier Danielle Smith has signed an agreement for the Alberta government to take part in building new arena and event centre in Calgary.
Wow, talk about a way to gain some votes in Calgary and anger Edmonton! Oh, well, the UCPs knows Edmonton is lost to “Orange Crush” anyway.
Here’s the deal. Instead of forking over mucho dough directly to the arena, the Province will contribute up to $300 million for road and bridge construction, LRT connection, site utilities, site reclamation, and other supportive infrastructure.
The Page wonders if the UCP will offer similar sweet deals if small towns like High Prairie, Falher and Peace River build entertainment projects, or is this just a big city deal?
Hey, we like to be entertained, too!
As part of the agreement, Smith says the Province will provide up to $30 million to build a new 1,000-seat community arena beside the main arena that will serve youth and amateur hockey.
Wow, $30 million. That would sure replace the aging Sports Palace in High Prairie!
By the way, the agreement is subject to approval by Cabinet and Treasury by August 2023. The Page can interpret that. Elect the UCP and Calgary will get an arena. If not, who knows? Even Smith admits as much in the news release.
And to no one’s surprise, the NDP has opposed the plan.
So, how many votes will this gain Smith in Calgary but lose in Edmonton and vice versa. Stay tuned!

The Page cannot resist saying “So long” to Jerry Springer, who died April 27 at the age of 79 years.
It is odd how The Jerry Springer Show was rated the “Worst Show in the History of TV” but ran for well over a decade. The fact is, many people were entertained by the ludicrousness of what Springer offered and – boy! – was it different!
And Springer did very well financially from the show! Go figure what people want to watch!
The Page admits to watching the odd Springer episode because it always made The Page feel better. No matter who lousy his day was, it proved someone else was far worse off!
It is sort of like watching Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today! Just kidding, all you Trudeau fans. All two or three of them in Alberta!

Have a great week!

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