The Page – May 25, 2022

The Page notes it was 38 years ago when Carolyn Pruyser, then only 18 years old, went missing in Peace River.
The Page interviewed her mother years ago. The interview was difficult to say the least. What The Page remembers most from this horrible tragedy is the strength of Carolyn’s mother.
Today, the case remains unsolved. Call Crime Stoppers at [1-800] 222-8477 if you have any tips.
Prayers go out to her family and friends.

The last few weeks in South Peace News’ sister newspaper, the Slave Lake Lakeside Leader, homeless camps have made front page news.
It was interesting to note “one of Slave Lake’s homeless camps” was shut down with the help of the Homeless Coalition. One of them! What! Thank goodness someone came forward to help. Kudos to them!
In Edmonton, it seems to be a chronic problem.
In High Prairie, we have not spotted any homeless camps but The Page has heard reports over the years of people living in storage containers, using tents at Jaycee Park, and setting up shop at the washrooms at the Elks RV Park.
The Page remembers previous attempts in High Prairie to deal a group called “The Bridge Crew”. Years ago, town council was going to crack down on them but backed off. It prompted a quote from one member: “Leave us alone!” No group came forward to offer help. The solution was to lock them up or transport them out of town. Nothing like the Homeless Coalition.
What was interesting to note was the sympathy extended by the public toward The Bridge Crew. Council quickly backed off on any action. End of story!

In Falher, a few weeks ago, town council was struggling to find people to work as lifeguards for the summer.
In Slave Lake, we see their town council did not get a single application to work at the Visitor Information Centre this summer.
In both cases, training is available. Jobs are well supervised and the work is not hard. It is a terrific opportunity for students to work, make a few dollars, and gain valuable work experience.
So where are the students? The Page knows many students have found employment this summer but no one can say every student has a job this summer. What the heck is going on?
If you are a parent, and want your loving teenager out of the house this summer, give your local town office a call. You just might be in luck.
Oldtimers might remember the former Hire-a-Student offices years ago? Maybe it’s time to bring them back!

Heard many compliments for Darrell Basarab at the High Prairie Gun and Sportsman Show May 14-15.
Apparently, he is quite the cook. Many expressed their appreciation for the delicious brisket he prepared for the Saturday banquet.
All we can say is, lucky Deanna, Darrell’s wife! Less time in the kitchen for her?
We also note the fine work of Terri Forseille, who prepared the rest of the meal.

Two little boys are at a wedding when one of them leaned over and asked his father, “How many wives can a man have?”
“Sixteen!” replied his father.
“Four better, four worse, four richer, and four poorer!”

Here’s a thought!
Corrupt scientists helped the tobacco industry.
Corrupt scientists have helped the plastic surgery industry.
Corrupt scientist have helped both the fossil fuel industry and climate change enthusiasts.
Of course, the government would never hire scientists to push fake evidence, or promote their own agenda. Heaven forbid!

Thought for the day! Ever hear of the term “public” schools.
They are not accountable to the public, they are run by government, they are regulated by government, and they are funded by government.
In fact, they are government schools!

Note from a disgruntled voter and a victim of the COVID-19 shutdown:
“The politicians who shut down your business and killed your careers are now asking that you re-elect them so they keep their jobs! Never forget what they’ve done to you!”

Why do banks keep phoning people to tell them they aren’t paying their loans back?
Sheesh! The bank should have known they had no money in the first place!

An employee goes into his bosses’ office and says he needs a raise.
“I have interest from three companies who want me!” he tells his boss.
“I find that hard to believe,” replied the boss.
“Oh, yeah,” says the employee. “The gas company, the electric company and the phone company.”

Have a great week!

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