The Page – May 11, 2022

Ah yes, the nature of people!
First off, we complain our taxes are too high. Second, we want to know why somebody hasn’t fixed the [name one in some town someplace, just for openers] . . . lockers in the arena dressing room, roof on the curling club, doors to the library, chairs in the meeting room, recorders in the council chambers, lights in the hockey rink, parking lot holes. Street potholes. Busted up sidewalks. Dead trees on boulevards. No gravel on roads. Too much gravel on roads. No grading.
And so on! And so on! And so on!
And when we all get surveyed for what our area needs, the list of splash parks, soccer fields, ball diamonds, new buildings for swimming, skating, indoor activities, tennis courts and more has no end.
Seems like we are always not quite fixing old things. But at the same time wanting to build even more new things that one day, will need fixing, too. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving. Or the treadmill that just keeps on turning.

While leafing through the latest Alberta Motor Association Magazine, which we get because we are a long-time member of that good organization, we saw a few things interesting we didn’t know about.
Auto-Renew. You can have your vehicle registration renewed automatically through AMA every year. Sign up once and AMA will process your payment, send you a notice, and mail you new registrations. Cool!
Yes, those War Amp lost key tags are still around. They lost popularity many years ago when they were miniature license plates. Problem with that was, bad guys finding a set of keys would just hunt for the vehicle. So they stopped with the miniature plates and went to coding. They still help support child amputees.
There is also AMA Pet Insurance.
And of course, the AMA membership which gives you free road side assistance for things like running out of fuel, needing a tow, or a flat tire changed.

Last week, this newspaper ran photos of many people getting certificates for being good volunteers. Sometimes we don’t have enough space for bigger photos, much as a big picture is desired. Ah but, the Internet comes to the rescue! Or it does in many cases.
Head to southpeace or smokyriver for bigger photos. And if the original is black and white, most times the larger picture will be in colour.
And, we have more photos from McLennan and Falher this week! Please turn to pages 4-5.

After a couple of years of COVID cancelling many events, business at events and shows is slowly coming back to normal. Peace River held their show a few weeks ago. Photos can be seen online at
This weekend coming it’s the 19th Annual High Prairie Gun and Sportsman Show. The show is managed by the High Prairie Fish & Game Association. Check the advertisement and story in this newspaper.
Good to see the shows and events returning!

For whatever reason, the Big Lakes County barbecue and taxpayer appreciation afternoon gets a good turnout in High Prairie. But not so much in other communities in the county. In fact, low turnout was why barbecues in Joussard and Kinuso were cancelled back in 2015.
Big Lakes Reeve Robert Nygaard from Faust, and Joussard Councillor Richard Mifflin both want the hamlet barbecues brought back to life. So far, they are outvoted.
Just seems hard to believe free [paid by taxpapers, of course] beef on a bun, give aways, and pop or bottled water and cake, aren’t welcome in some places. Might be time to try barbecues again!
On the same subject, we’re wondering how many councillors would attend if there was a joint barbecue between the Town of Swan Hills and Big Lakes County. Or even a stand alone. Lots of county industrial taxes collected up there.

People with too much time on their hands might have been click-baited into the Thailand axe carrying goof at an airport. He hustled through a security gate on a scooter. Ditched the wheels. Ran around waving a fake gun and an axe while airport workers both ran away from him and ran after him. Eventually, he was cornered between some glass doors. About a dozen security staff, managers and workers then beat the snot out of the fellow.
Is this news? Well, it has to be said, there are lots of places in the world where this fellow would have just been shot, questions asked later.
Also, lots of places where his “rights” are now violated, and some politician would write him a cheque for a couple million. You know, so he can get his life together and be a good functioning member of society. Come to think of this, can we get in line for this? We promise to not break any windows or scare people.
Here is a link that may or not be working by the time you read this. Seems like a lot of western media are already getting ideas this “sends a wrong” message:

Many memories continue to disappear in a cloud of dust with the tearing down of the old hospital in High Prairie.
What will happen at the site after reclamation is still up in the air. Stay tuned!

Have a great week!

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