The Page – May 10, 2023

“People who have nothing to say, say it on Facebook. People who have something serious to say, like how to cook a steak, play guitar, or fix a lawnmower say it on Instagram or YouTube. People who don’t want to be blamed for something they say, say it on SnapChat. People who think serious people will take to heart their comments and change the world say it on Twitter. People who don’t care one way or the other dance it out on Tik Tok.” – Anony Mouse

“It isn’t the buildings, the climate, or the wealth that determines the quality of a city or town. It is the people who live there.
If you were to exchange the population of Detroit with that of, let us say, Amsterdam, Detroit would become another Amsterdam. Amsterdam another Detroit.” – Richard Needham

Just about any backyard chef, or any person handy around a kitchen knows, if you want a good meal to come from your cooking skills with meat, it really helps to start with a good piece of meat right from the butcher.
Our own newspaper publisher, Mary Burgar, was the proud winner of Hagen’s Bison meat hamper offered as the door prize at their anniversary sale. Mary says she put one of the hamper items, a nice roast, in the slow cooker.
Well, good meats means good eats. Bison is noted for being super lean, and super healthy considering that red meat often gets picked on. Mary says unlike other roasts she has had, which tend to be on the dry side, this roast turned out juicy and tasty.
“I’ve been cooking roast for almost 50 years,” she says. “That was the best one I ever did.”
A Tip of the Page Hat to Hagen’s Bison Ranch at High Prairie.

We suppose we should take a ‘middle-of-the-road’ approach to this news.
But first, some background.
Satellite and cable TV has basic services and then a bunch of add-ons. TSN The Sports Network is an extra-cost add on. Home Box Office is extra. Discovery channels and more are all extras.
Curiously, CNN is a basic cable service. As are the whole swack of Global, CBC and CTV channels. Out of the bunch of news channels, if you want Fox News, you have to pay extra. It doesn’t matter which company you buy your TV channels from, they all have pretty well the same setups. All are mandated by the federal government commission, the CRTC.
As many people have discovered, the most popular by far cable/satellite news channel in the United States is Fox News. Fox News outsells both CNN and MSNBC put together.
The Nielsen Top 10 cable news channels in the states (if there are no sports playoffs happening) by shows is almost always all Fox News. Every once in awhile, something like Rachel Maddow (now gone) used to sneak in.
For those who pay attention, you get CNN and MSNBC for ‘free’ on basic cable in Canada. Want Fox News? Pay extra!
This is a constant thorn in the side of small-c conservatives in Canada who like the perspective they get from Fox News.
Certainly, the servings are a far cry from the reasonably deep left of CBC. MSNBC and CNN are well-known for pushing leftist agendas in the States. In fact, CNN and Rachel Maddow were daily shouters about “Russian collusion!” during the Trump years. And never apologized when it was shown to all be a hoax.
Now, Canadian activists want Fox News not to continue to be a ‘pay extra’ in Canada. They want it banned altogether!
An LGBTQ group called Egale Canada wants Fox News banned over a former Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, over what they say is his false claims and the channel claims he is painting transgender communities as “violent and dangerous.”
Egale group says it has experienced first hand the hate “from a single segment. We can’t imagine (what) might result from allowing more content like this to air in Canada.”
One segment? And the crowd goes wild? And the CRTC is supposed to fall in line just like that? Sheesh!
Heck, we just want Fox News to be on basic with the rest of the propaganda artists. We’ll decide what is right and what is wrong.

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