The Page – March 15, 2023

This weekend is the gigantic Smoky Applied Research and Demonstration Association (SARDA) Trade Show at Falher.
Thousands will be arriving in Falher to see all the latest news and innovations in agriculture in over 200 displays and/or booths. Many other activities are also being held in addition to the event. Check out the story in this week’s paper on page 1 for more details.
Hats off in advance to organizers for a job well done!

This week is Canada Agriculture Safety Week. You can never be too safe around the farm with all the equipment around.
The Page has two additional tips regarding farm safety: never sit on a pitchfork and never pee over an electric fence!

Hats off to the Falher Pirates of the North Peace Hockey League and the High Prairie Red Wings of the Greater Metro Junior Hockey League. Both teams are in the league finals.
There is a huge difference in the two finals, however. The Pirates will have their hands full with the Dawson Creek Canucks while the Red Wings are – truth be told – not involved in a playoff tournament. It should be renamed the Greater Metro Coronation Tournament. The result is not in doubt. The Red Wings are by far the class of the league.
And we mean lights years ahead of other teams. We are talking Star Trek Enterprise speed compared to Fred Flintstone’s stone wheel. The other teams are mere mosquitos to swat out of harm’s way as the Red Wings blaze their trail to glory.
Hope the other teams in the Greater Metro can provide real competition in years to come. Not so this year. May as well not even play the final.
Good luck to the Pirates and Red Wings in their final series!

Gwen Cuthbert turns 95 years young on March 20. The Page joins everyone in wishing Gwen a Happy Birthday!
Gwen used to stuff flyers in our newspapers years ago so The Page got to know her well.
Gwen now enjoys life at Pleasantview Lodge. As is their custom, they will be serving her a cake during lunch at noon and joining in fine voice to sing her best wishes. The public is not invited during lunch but perhaps stop by in the afternoon to send along best wishes.

There is always much debate who to believe when it comes to weather forecasters. We always liked the insights of the late Ray Tallman of Grouard. Ray loved going head-to-head, or thermometer to thermometer, or thickness of fur, to computers and gadgets used by others.
We never kept track how accurate he was. That would spoil the fun. That’s like knocking groundhogs, or the CBC weather lady.
Well, besides ground- hogs and Environment Canada and more, we also have Mother Nature and the Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen show. Coming up this weekend Thursday to Sunday at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Go to
We mention this because we always mark the first day of spring as the beginning of the Boat Show. Actually, the Boat show has moved from the first weekend in March to mid-March, which makes it even better as an indicator of warm weather.
The forecasts are warm and sunny. Just remember, this is also pothole season.
And of course, Alberta weather can turn in a blink. Which has happened to us at the show. T-shirts going in. Blizzard and howling wind coming out and all the way home.
Oh, well! Always warm inside!

As of this writing, The Page is sick of winter!
Gee whiz, all the cold wind is enough to make you crazy! Bring on spring and summer!

The Page notes Big Lakes County is joining the Community Rail Advocacy Alliance.
This newspaper pleaded with Big Lakes County and the Town of High Prairie to join in a March 1 editorial. Nice to see they are reading and following good advice!
Now, will High Prairie join? The Page hopes so.
As far as decisions go, this is a no-brainer, much as our editorial writer would like to take some credit.

Still disgraceful High Prairie lost the Treaty 8 First Nations Cup.

Have a great week!

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