The Page – March 1, 2023

The Page was asked this question last week.
“What is the similarity between an onion and a politician?”
“Both make you cry!”

The Page receives this news release from the Alberta government. In it there are four long – and I mean long – quotes from MLAs.
We get it that the government never misses a chance to tell us how wonderful they are. This long-winded news release would put anyone to sleep. It was so long The Page forgot what it was the government was bragging about.
If anyone thinks this is bad, wait until the provincial election campaign starts.
Some things never change.

Ah, election time! When passions run deep and common sense leaves the building!

The Page received an email asking if he knew anyone active in a federal Liberal Electoral District.
Hmm! Which will happen first? Can The Page find a Liberal in rural Alberta or will Elmer Fudd shoot the rabbit?

Saturday just past (Feb. 25) the NPHL played its 1,500th and 1,501st playoff games. Wow!
In case you wanted to know, Grimshaw has played the most playoff games at 439 followed by High Prairie at 420.
The Falher Pirates passed Peace River for third most on the all-time list with 316 games to Peace River’s 315.
We cannot forget Lakeland, who played 170 games, and the McLennan Red Wings, from 1953-60 played 38 games.
Of all the teams mentioned above, only Falher is adding to the total but they are still 104 games behind High Prairie and 123 behind Grimshaw.

The High Prairie Community Beautification Association is changing the date of High Prairie Light-Up this year.
It will not be held the traditional date of the last Friday in November, which this year falls on Nov. 24. It is the earliest possible date Light-Up could be held.
Instead, Light-Up will be Friday, Dec. 1.
Chair Chris Clegg tells us there were several reasons for the move.
“The consensus is our members feel Nov 24 is too early. Another week gives the public works staff at the Town of High Prairie another week to put up lights, and Dec. 1 happens to fall near the end of the month, which is close to pay day for most.”
The move away from Black Friday (the same day at Light-Up) will be applauded by some and denounced by some, albeit some people do leave town to shop on Black Friday. Hopefully, this is another reason to stay home and support local business the following week.
Keep in mind, if there is a public opposition to the decision, it can always be changed back.

We see Olivia and Noah are the most common baby names in Alberta in 2022.
If you and the loved one are having a bundle of joy this year, what name are you choosing?

With all the snow and cold weather lately, it sure is hard to believe fire season starts today.

We see in Slave Lake that rasslin’ is returning March 4.
Slave Lake’s own Tarzan Hayes is part of the show at the MRC fieldhouse. It was first scheduled for the Legacy Centre but brisk ticket sales forced a move to a larger venue.
The Page fondly remembers Stampede Wrestling while growing. Many farms ceased all operations no matter what time of year to watch the Hart family, announcer Ed Whalen, Tweet Tweet Tomasso, The Cuban Assassin and more entertain.
The Page’s all-time favourite was Abdullah the Butcher. Just the way the name sounded as so cool. Dad’s favourite was Archie “The Stomper” Gouldie – a farmer from Carbon, AB. Farmers always stick together!
The Page also remembers a bout in Fairview when Dan Kroffat and Tomasso were bitter enemies. The went into the ring, yelled and screamed at each other, and beat the living daylights out of each other.
After the match, dad took the family to a local diner. There were Dan and Tweet Tweet having coffee together, best of friends. Nice to see them settle their differences in the ring!
Now, if only we could get Danielle “I’m not the daughter of Davey Boy” Smith and Rachel “Orange Crush” Notley in the ring, perhaps they could settle their differences the same way because we all know wrestling is not fake.

Have a great week!

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