The Page – June 5, 2024

If you do not think chicken soup is good for you consider this: have you saw a chicken sneeze?

If a gorilla or monkey passes gas inside a cage at a zoo, does it smell like bananas?

If you want to get into an argument with an animal, choose the crocodile.
They can’t stick their tongues out! Just don’t get too close!

Like many, The Page dreams of travel! But the small matter of the pocketbook book puts a damp cloth on that fire. Piggy is getting pretty thin at The Page’s home! Piggy bank, that is!
Anyhow, Travel Stop released a list of countries most people travel to. In 2023, in millions of visitors, the list is:

  1. France – 89.4.
  2. Spain – 83.7.
  3. USA – 79.3.
  4. China – 65.7.
  5. Italy – 54.5.
  6. Turkey – 51.2
  7. Canada – 22.1.
    Surprised! The Page is but added Turkey in as sixth. Little known, year after year, Istanbul is in the top 10 of busiest airports in the world. Strange to note that is 2023 it ranked seventh in passengers at just over 76 million. Yet, only 51.2 million visitors!
    The Page is confused! Perhaps stopovers are not counted? Plenty of in-country travel must be the reason?
    The busiest airport is Atlanta at over 104 million visitors, yet only 79.3 million visitors. Again, many travel within the USA.

The Town of High Prairie hosted a community engagement crime meeting May 29. The Page attended and was impressed. Some good conversation and ideas were tossed around. Well done, Town of High Prairie!
High Prairie’s crime problem is not unique. Anyone who pays attention realizes crime is an issue all over Canada. The Page agrees with Ann Stewart regarding one of the biggest reasons.
“Our justice system is pathetic,” says Stewart. “Why report it when they are out the next day?”
If you think Stewart is frustrated, how do you think police feel?
Remember, politicians make the rules. Many politicians are lawyers. The more crooks out on the street, the more work for lawyers. See the connection?
Canada’s justice system is one of the best job security programs in the country given our bleeding heart politicians and light sentences. Judges have to keep their buddy lawyers working, you know!

Speaking of the above, The Page always liked the title of judge. Now the title is justice in provincial court. Justice? Isn’t that ironic?

Years ago, a youth was in court in front of Judge Roger P. Smith. After hearing the horrid details of repeated theft and snubbing court orders, the boy’s lawyer make a mistake and asked Judge Smith what should be done.
“Stronger locks on the doors!” was his reply.
The Page thought he would add a bit of humour to bad situation.

Why didn’t the melons marry?
They cantaloupe!

It is said that editors collect more dirt than a vacuum cleaner!

Have a great week!

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