The Page – June 29, 2022

he Page sends congratulations to former High Prairie resident Omar Mouallem on his recent award!
Mouallem, a journalist, was a recent winner of a 2022 Alberta Literary Award.
The Writers’ Guild of Alberta administers the annual Alberta Literacy Awards which recognizes works by Alberta authors.
Mouallem won the $1,500 Wilfrid Eggelston Award for Nonfiction for his debut book Praying to the West. The jury [fancy name for judges!] called the book “A thought-provoking book, written in clear prose and from a position of deep empathy and accommodation.”
In the book Mouallem examines how his faith has shaped him, and more broadly, how Islam has shaped the Americas – and vice versa.
A CBC report describes Mouallem is an award-winning writer, editor and documentary filmmaker based in Edmonton. He also runs the Pandemic University School of Writing, which was founded to support writers affected by the COVID-19 fallout and continues as a skill-building resource for both established and emerging writers.

Another congratulations to Jennifer Zatko for completing her crosswalk project [please see page 3] in High Prairie.
Well done, and a much-needed reminder of the atrocities that occurred years ago.
* * * * * * * *
Here is a quote from famous writer Mark Twain:
“When I was 17, my father was so stupid, I didn’t want to be seen in public with him. When I was 24, I was amazed at how much the old man had learned in just seven years.”

It reminds The Page of another joke when two teenagers were arguing. One teen said to the other his father had told him so it had to be true.
“Well, I like your dad a lot but he doesn’t know everything!” said the other teen.
The problem was, the father overheard the conversation.
“Yes, son, I don’t know everything,” he told the teen. “But when I was your age I did!”

When in Falher last week, The Page noticed that flower baskets are sponsored by various businesses. Each basket has a sign indicating which businesses sponsored the flowers.
It begs the question, why can’t this be done in High Prairie? Currently, town council pays for the baskets.
The Page’s foggy memory recalls efforts were made many years ago to get sponsors for baskets. It failed miserably. Perhaps it is time to try again or are businesses being asked to do too much?
And who should lead this effort? Town council? The High Prairie and Area Chamber of Commerce? The High Prairie Community Beautification Association?
Just a thought!

A lot of stink in British Columbia over the proposed new $789 million museum!
In case you have not heard, the premier put a stop to the project after a bitter outcry from taxpayers during tough economic times.
It just goes to prove the people still have the power and politicians do listen.

Down in the capital city of Edmonton, the yearly controversy is the mosquito control program. Is council doing enough? The answer always seems to be no.
Good grief, people! Like you expect to live where are no mosquitoes!
The Page hates it as much as anyone when they buzz around his ear late at night or you’re getting eaten in the outdoors. But, hey, it’s part of life! Sheesh! Besides, someone has to feed skitters, who feed the bats and dragonflies, which feed the birds, etc. etc.
The Page was reminded years ago by a friend who told him to quit killing skitters because he had so much respect for them.
“They’re probably the only thing that got something out of you for free,” he told The Page.
That just hurt!

The Page was surprised at a post on social media [Mighty Peace Tourism] that the Hines Creek Golf and Country Club is the second oldest golf course in northern Alberta.
Never would have know that!

Have a great week and enjoy summer!

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