The Page – June 15, 2022

For those interested in democracy, the Magna Carta was signed 807 years ago today on June 15, 1215. The Magna Carta effectively defined royal power and forced the basis for English law as we know it today.
The Page also suspects Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has never read it!

Pretty quiet in Oil Country!
The Page wonders how can a team with the best hockey player in the world [Connor McDavid] and another top five player [Leon Draisaitl] gets swept two straight years in the playoffs? Winnipeg last year, Colorado this year.
Well, the brutal play in their own end tells a lot of the story.
But, hey, at least they beat Calgary and were in the Final Four! Take that, Cowtowners!
And. . .Edmonton still holds Canada’s best hope for ending what is now a 30-year Stanley Cup drought in Canada.

Numbers! What do they really mean?
The Government of Canada announced June 7 they were providing money for the Trees for Life program to plant two billion trees across Canada.
In typical Justin Trudeau fashion, the spin doctoring began. Here is what the government said:
“Planting two billion trees across Canada will help Canada’s efforts to tackle the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. Trees capture and store carbon from the atmosphere, improve air and water quality, support biodiversity and create and support thousands of good jobs.”
Cost of the program is $2.4 million to fund 34 projects. The Page is never against planting more trees but consider how much two billion trees really is. There are about 50,00 to 100,000 trees per square kilometre in a typical forest. This depends on the type of tree. Considering 50,00 trees would cover 40,000 square kilometres, or an area 200 x 200 kilometres. Canada’s land area is 9.985 million square kilometres. Barely a drop in the bucket.
Still, you have to start somewhere!
Again, The Page is not against the project but let’s keep it in perspective as to how much this really matters in the giant scheme of things.
And. . .this program is spread over a 10-year period.

More fun with numbers!
Last week, we reported Northern Lakes College has 665 graduates at its ceremony in Slave Lake June 3. The Page mentions this because on June 8, 2007 NLC gradated 328 students. That is less than half the grads 15 years later. Did you know NLC had grown that much? Wow!
By comparison, the 665 grads are more than the population of Girouxville at 278, Donnelly at 338, Nampa at 367, and just below the 695 at McLennan. The combined populations of Girouxville and Donnelly would not match NLC’s grad total.

Ever notice how people tend to name their children after valuable objects like Mercedes, Sapphire, Diamond, etc. etc.
The Page is fearful in the next few months names will be popping up like Electric, Gas, Petrol and Utility!

A magician is on a cruise ship and does a show each night. Being a bit lazy, he knows the audience is not the same so he does not change the routine.
Meanwhile, a parrot watches the show each night and begins tattling to the audience on the magician’s tricks.
“Each card is the ace of spades! Look, it’s not the same hat! He’s hiding flowers under the table!” the parrot squawks!
Despite his anger, the magician can’t do anything about it because it’s the captain’s parrot.
One stormy night the ships sinks. The magi- cian and parrot find themselves on the same piece of wood floating in the ocean. Each stare at each other with hatred but do not say a word. After three days, the parrot finally speaks.
“I give up! Where is the ship?”

The Page was posed a question on one of the family websites a few weeks ago: “What song will still be popular in 50 years?”
Answers ranged from Beatles classics, classical instrumentals, current pop artists, but The Page set them straight.
“Happy Birthday” was my answer!

Have a great week!

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