The Page – July 6, 2022

The Page starts off this week by discussing a very serious subject: toilet paper!
Think this subject is not serious? Just run out at home and you will find out how important it is!
An old argument about toilet paper is which side of the roll should point toward the person on the throne. Should the roll face toward the sitter or away on the other side of the roll underneath? This is important stuff!
Anyway, The Page was sent a photo of the original patent by S. Wheeler for toilet paper Dec 22. 1891. It clearly shows the roll toward the side of the sitter.
That settles that! The Page endeavours to educate!

Thought for the day courtesy of Henry David Thoreau: “Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing it’s not the fish they are after!”

Speaking of fishing, one local angler told The Page he was going to cut back on his fishing to days that stated with “T”.
Tuesday, Thursday today and tomorrow!

Chances are if you knew someone in Alberta who had a baby in 2021 its name was Olivia or Noah.
The annual list of “Top Baby Names” was released June 27 with Olivia toping the girl’s list each year since 2013. That is nine straight years! Noah topped the boy’s list for the third straight year. So much for creativity with new names. Sorry to all those who chose the names last year. Just kidding!
Charlotte, Ava, Emma, Amelia, Sophia, Isla, Abigail, Evelyn and Chloe [tied for ninth] round out the top 10 for girls while, Jack, Oliver, Liam, Theodore, William, Ethan, Levi, Benjamin and Henry top the boy’s list.
What always interests The Page is the list of names you do not see too often: Archangel, Chickadee, Tuba, Jocko, Mads, Jedi, Anakin, Hobbes and Furious make the list. There appear to be plenty of vehicle fanatics as Audi, Benz, Royce, Chevy and Mercedes made the list. Geography buffs chose Monaco, Scotland, Denver, Brisbane and Nairobi while music fans chose Zeppelin Jagger and Jethro.
There were 49,938 babies born in Alberta in 2021 including 25,714 boys and 24,219 girls. It proves girls will have a little more choice when comes to dating in 18 years. At least most parents hope it will be that long!

Ever notice those paper towels at the gas pumps?
The Page used to think they were for cleaning the windows or the dipstick while checking oil.
Turns out paper towels are now used mostly for wiping away the tears after filling the gas tank!

Edmonton Oilers fans are pretty upset over Auston Matthews winning the Hart Trophy for MVP.
It turns out the trophy came with a special carrying case this year. A golf bag!
Geez, the stuff The Page gets sent to him!

The High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo rolls into town in just under a month on Aug. 2-3!
Lindsay Pratt writes The Page that the rodeo committee is hard at work preparing for the event. It is a massive undertaking to prepare for the town’s biggest party each year. He says the midway and rodeo contractor are in place, the pony chuckwagons are coming and Donny Lee will be the band performing at the rodeo dance. Tim Edge is the rodeo announcer.
If interested in sponsoring, contact the Elks office at [780] 523-3724 Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
But – and it is a big but! – the Elks need volunteers.
“We need help with the ground improvements and repairing, setting up tables, chairs and much more,” says Pratt.
He advises the first work bee is July 6 at 7 p.m. Just show up with some tools and ambition.
Call Pratt if you have any questions at [780] 523-8518.
Meanwhile, the Royal Purple are also asking for help at their food booth.

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