The Page – July 3, 2024

Well, did you heard June 24 was the collective hearts of Oilers’ fans dropping after losing to the Florida Panthers in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final 2-1?
The Page’s prediction of Oilers in six games? Well, not accurate, for sure! But close!
Oilers’ fans cans still take solace. They are so close to winning the Cup. Maybe next year! It will happen! Patience, fans!
Better yet, they still went a lot farther than the Calgary Flames. The Oilers’ future still looks far brighter than the Flames, who are rebuilding.
Take that, Cowtown!

The Page noticed a photo of Queen Elizabeth in High Prairie town council chambers June 25 and got to thinking.
The Queen passed away Sept. 18, 2022 at the age of 96 years. It is now 21 months ago and counting. When should the photo be removed?
Years ago, High Prairie had Mike Poulter, a fine English fellow who knew all the ins and outs of protocol. But since he is no longer with us, The Page turned to the Monarchist League of Canada. They posted the following on their website, date unknown:
“An official photographic portrait of the King of Canada is expected to be become available in the next 3-5 months. Until that time the League will continue to offer the official portrait of our Late Queen, whose cherished memory is still perfectly proper to display, just as many people do for their own departed family members.”
This makes sense. May as well keep the former monarch’s photo until the new one arrives!
But still no new photo?
High Prairie Legion president Don Ebbett tells The Page a new portrait has “been cut” for the current King and he expects it soon.
Back to Poulter. One wonders what he would have said when Councillor James Waikle made a comment about “King Chuck” in chambers may months ago?
This is the same council that demands respect from its ratepayers but allows comments like “King Chuck” from one it its members with nothing said. Even the chair chose to “ignore” the remark.
Different rules for different people!

Well, no Canada Day celebrations in High Prairie this year!
It does take people to organize such events and so far no one has taken the bull by the horns so to speak. Too bad!
The $17,000 and counting (likely over $20,000 now) the Town of High Prairie spent on the SAGE Report would have provided the money needed to host a decent celebration.
But it was not on town council’s priority list! Much more important matters to deal with, you know!

What did the blond say when she saw a Cheerios box?
“Oh, my gosh! Doughnut seeds!”

A woman comes home from her doctor’s appointment full of cheer.
“The doctor told me that for a 45-year-old woman I have the boobs of a 20-year-old,” she told her husband.
“Oh, yeah!” he snorts. “What did the doctor say about your ass?”
“Never mind,” she says. “You ever came up!”

In Bible study, a boy and a girl are arguing over which is better.
“It has to be boys,” said the boy. “God made them first.”
“It has to be girls,” relied the girl. “You always make a rough copy first before the final draft.”

The husband was bragging to his wife that he had the body of Greek god.
She begins to laugh.
“I think you have a Greek god confused with Buddha!”

Have a great week!

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