The Page – January 4, 2023

The snowed in solar power array at Northern Lakes College, High Prairie.

And now, courtesy of The Page, a story:
Frank: “Bill, is it my eyes or are the lights getting dimmer in here?”
Bill: “It will get a lot brighter when the system kicks over to the provincial grid.”
Frank: “Provincial grid? I though we were selling our spare power to the grid.”
Bill: “Hard to do that when there isn’t any spare to sell.”
Frank: “We got no spare? What kind of crummy system did we just install?”
Bill: “The kind that needs somebody to get out there and clean off the snow. You know, like we always used to do when the TV went out and we had to clean the dish.”
Frank: “I still do that.”
Bill: “Then get at it!”

This week’s editorial used numbers from our websites at and for the rankings of what was the ‘Most Popular Story’ of 2022.
What is ‘Most Popular’ is taken from the number of hits each story generated during the entire year, and then ranked. We counted just the Top Five.
Keep in mind, these stories are ‘Most Popular’, as read online. That does not mean they are the ‘Biggest’ story of 2022. As it happens, most people have their own ideas of what makes a big story. The Page may or may not agree with you. That’s what freedom of thinking and of expression is all about.
With that in mind, we invite you, our readers, to let us know what your local Top Five stories of 2022 were. You can send us an email at Or use the contact form at either smoky or Or post it at our Facebook page.
You do not need the exact title. You do not even need to say it was an actual story. For instance, we do not think there was ever any story we did about Harry and Meghan being on Oprah. But you might think that was big news if you have a local angle! Or your baby’s first birthday! How about seeing the Pope? Just have some kind of local connection, please.
We will post them online as we get them. Deadline is Jan. 16.
As always, posts and comments are moderated so might take up to a day to appear.

Have you taken back, or sent back, all those Christmas gifts that need returning?
Stuff you already have two of. Clothes that don’t fit. Then, of course, there is the stuff that needs “regifting.” That’s the word of the season. It’s self-explanatory if you don’t know what it means. Getting a gift that somebody else got, didn’t like it and decided somebody else might have a use for it. So it gets regifted.
Only problem is, some of us oldtimers might have bad memories. But we can remember what we gave to someone and somehow it shows back up at our place. What we do is say thank you. Put it in the garage. Send it to somebody else at a birthday or next Christmas.
Of course, at the age of this here writer, we are getting to the point where all the people we know have everything they want. As do we. Besides, we don’t have any room for much more than two pairs of jeans, winter and summer shoes, three shirts, and a book. Anything more maybe we should be gifting to the thrift store or goodwill. Garage sales are way too much trouble anyway.

We are back to normal weather around these parts, thank goodness. Those days of -40C are over and done with, at least for a couple of weeks it seems.
Speaking of things to be thankful for, can you imagine how cold it would have been if it weren’t for global warming? Heck, maybe -60!
But there is good news in that, too. Mountain pine beetles are in decline. Apparently, cold snaps at just the right time, early in the winter season or late, have decimated the nasty bugs. Something to do with the way they develop their built-in anti-freeze.
Next thing you know, glaciers will be getting bigger. Interesting, eh?

Speaking of cold weather, this year was one of the earliest for ice fishing huts to be out on the ice at Lesser Slave Lake. The early December cold-snap encouraged one brave soul to haul out his hut. Next thing you know, there are two. Then three. Then 10. Then it turned warm and everybody hustled their huts off the ice!
But with the big deep freeze a few weeks ago, they came back. As of the past weekend, at the popular spot at Joussard there were 50 huts already out.

Have not just a great week, everyone, but a great brand new year in 2023!

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