The Page – January 25, 2023

Don’t get us wrong. We’re just as much liking a sip of chilled white wine or a cool beer on a blistering summer day as the next person. But two and that’s it? Well, OK, that’s being reasonable. Mustn’t overdo things, you know!
Then we read the fine print in the new national guidelines. That isn’t two per session, Or two per day. Noooo. It’s Two. Per. Week! Yoiks!
So in the middle of summer, Wednesday, the temperature is +30. And so is Thursday. Then the spouse gets angry. And the boss orders a job done by quitting time. The work keeps piling up and Friday rolls around. And the temperature goes up some more. And the fan and air conditioning both break. And we already had our limit on Tuesday. Argggg!
OK! OK! We know such antics really mean we are just looking for excuses to hit ye olde watering hole or sit in the shade with a big cooler full of whatever and a tall glass. Sure. We need something to take the edge off. And a Coke or some apple juice isn’t going to do it.
But in fact, some people would even call a sip or three of booze nothing but a crutch. Gosh. Such nasty people out there. Oh, well!
But the health people out there say two is the limit. So, we probably will taper off. We already have developed a liking for Heineken non- alcohol beer. We’re pretty sure there are some good zero or low alcohol wines out there, too.
But keep in mind, we’ve been warned before about stuff like this. Butter. Red meat. Genetic Modified Organism (GMO) crops. Farmed salmon. Coconut oil.
Our philosophy is simple. Moderation in everything. First of course, stop reading stories about food you aren’t supposed to eat! And consider that too much of anything, including water, will kill you.
So like we said, we’re going to taper off. And it’s none of your business what that means as far as counting sips goes. And we don’t drink and drive at all. So there!

In the news last week was the subject of high food prices. One of the people talking on one news show said they remembered when a head of lettuce was 59 cents per. Now, according to the same person, it’s $6!
Naturally, one announcer on the same show wanted to know when the heck lettuce was that cheap. Well, it was probably back when Wilma Flintstone did all the shopping and Fred and Barney didn’t know the drink limit was two!

A reader inquired about the rail cars that derailed in High Prairie a couple weeks ago. They asked if there was any follow-up on what was the cause.
So far, CN simply says no comment until an investigation is complete. In fact, we don’t even know who does the investigation. Transport Safety Board? High Prairie Fire Department? The company insuring all the grain? CN?
According to our own office, a wheel on one of the cars broke apart. This was the cause according to most of the people who were on the scene. That is still an “unofficial” cause.
There are a couple photos of pieces laying on the road on our website at

By now, if you are following this story, it turns out the huge site along the highway of the former hospital in High Prairie was misidentified on the Government of Alberta website. The web info should have read “Transfer” instead of “Sold,” says a GOA official.
This “Transfer” thingy caused a minor kerfluffle amongst interested parties in High Prairie. Some want the site to be a park. Others argue this is “prime commercial” space and should be turned into a business or residential area, or even space for just a couple big box stores.
The High Prairie Chamber of Commerce wrote High Prairie town council a couple months ago. The chamber asked if there was going to be any opportunity for public input into options for the site. This was one of several questions the chamber put to council.
Councillor James Waikle made a motion to receive for information the whole list of questions. Which basically means “Let’s just ignore this for now, or maybe forever.” The motion passed.
As one of the High Prairie coffee shop Men of Knowledge likes saying, “Well, thinking hurts.”

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