The Page – January 18, 2023

Well, that was a lot of worry for nothing!
On Page 1 this week, we publish a story on the old hospital land in High Prairie that was not sold as many thought last week.
Oh, the speculation was rampant! Who bought it and what was going there? The Page heard a housing complex. Other rumours started that a second Tim Hortons, a drug store, pizza palace, and Great Canadian Liquor Store depot and warehouse. A spray park and new tennis courts. The new arena! Another pot store! Wow! The list was endless! The tongues were wagging!
But what happened is that Alberta Infrastructure merely transferred title back to Alberta Health Services. Even the Infrastructure contact who spoke to South Peace News admitted putting “sold” was a very poor choice of words and they would have to work on that.
No kidding!
At least it provided for some great coffee shop gossip for a few days!

Another rumour making the rounds was that the Town of High Prairie was hauling water to its raw water reservoir a couple weeks ago. The rumour was the reservoir was low and we might run out of water in April.
But by the time the “news” hit the streets and coffee shops, there was no water left for cooking and showering. It was a crisis! Bottled water sales were sure to skyrocket.
To set the record straight, there was no hauling water, according to CAO Bill McKennan.
A full report is coming on the issue at council’s meeting Jan. 24. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, pass that bar of soap!

The Page knows the derailment in High Prairie Jan. 11 caused a lot of inconvenience for many who had to detour around the south end of town, which was closed.
However, think of all the happy pigeons who will have a free snack once work crews leave the area!

Lots of fog in the area last week. One driver said it was solid fog from High Level to High Prairie. It made for a long trip.
As always, in winter, please give yourself a little extra time to arrive at your destination.

To you men out there, less than one month to Valentine’s Day.
You have been duly warned!
This note paid for by all the women in town!

OK, The Page will be as popular as a skunk at a picnic but he has to vent. The Page is bit confused over all this money being granted to feed kids in schools.
Look, this is not a “bad thing” but since when did it become the role of government to feed children? Isn’t that the job of the parents?
The Page remembers way back when he went to school. If a kid forgot his lunch they were the luckiest kid in school. Everyone gave half a sandwich, an apple or orange to feed the kid. In the end, he was the best-fed kid in school.
Today, we have to have governments use your tax money to feed kids?
Sheesh! What next? Are we going to clothe them, too?

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