The Page – February 23, 2022

As noted last week, The Page supports the truckers.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the truckers have no right to shut down the economy and to prevent people from living their day-to-day lives.
However, since March 2020, governments from around the world, including Canada, have shut down the economy and prevented people from living day-to-day lives.
The Page understands government wants to protect the general population, but the irony of what Trudeau does and preaches is sickening.
An interesting sign attached on a truck of one of the protesters: “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees!”
We were given a copy of the Dec. 12 Seattle Times which featured former High Prairie Minor Hockey player Wayne Fjeld, now 48.
Fjeld serves as the emergency backup goaltender for the NHL’s Seattle Kraken.
“It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time,” says Fjeld, now a financial advisor in the Emerald City.
Fjeld is part of four-person Kraken rotation of emergency backup goaltenders. They sit in Climate Pledge Arena for games. It is extremely unlikely they will even play in an NHL game, but you never know. It has happened before.
Fjeld says in the article he would rather have the team succeed without him.
“They’re phenomenal players,” he says of the NHL pros.
“It would be extremely scary, but hopefully we’re ready to step up and stop even a shot or two. These players out there, they’re way better than us, even an average player out there is very, very good.”
South Peace News has a copy of the article if anyone is interested, or go to
Wayne is the son of the late Dennis Fjeld and Valerie Fjeld of High Prairie.
Don’t regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to far too many.
Do you realize it’s been 10 years since Canada discontinued the penny?
The Page always enjoyed a good game of cards, especially as a child and early adult with friends and family. We know many of you enjoy a good game of poker. Farmers and oldtimers love cribbage.
But did you ever think of how someone got the bright idea of inventing a deck of cards? Here is an explanation: The 52 cards stand for 52 weeks of the year and the two colours – red and black – stand for night and day. The four suits stand for the four seasons and 13 cards in each suit stand for the 13 weeks in each season. The 12 courts cards [jacks, queens and kings] stand for the 12 months of the year. And if we add all the cards [the four aces, the four twos, etc.] we get 364. Hmm! One day short of a year.
Jokers were used in leap years. Why not just say the joker made it 365?
Now you know!
On our History page last week we came across an interesting item [they are all interesting!] regarding our neighbour to the east: Slave Lake.
It seems it might not have been Slave Lake! The Feb. 16, 1913 Grouard News reported the following: “A petition signed by over 500 residents of the district, has also been sent in to change the present name of the townsite from Sawridge to Melbourn, a more appropriate and up-to-date appellation. The people are considerably elated over the information from a reliable source that the McArthur railway is to select for their townsite the property adjoining the present location of the town.”
The Page notes “Melbourn” instead of “Melbourne” and has no idea if the “e” was accidentally left off by the typesetter. Melbourne, of course, is a popular name for a city led by Australia’s largest city.
Locally, Prairie River was changed to High Prairie after it was discovered another community Alberta was named Prairie River. It was changed when it was time to name the new post office at the settlement.
The Page is sad to see Nado’s Pizzeria close in High Prairie. The business posted its decision on social media Feb. 15. Here is part of the post:
“Yes, we have closed Nado’s. After discussing with my family and enjoying time in January with them, we have decided to step away from the restaurant industry and start a new venture in a new destination.
“This was a very hard decision but at the same time an easy one when it came to wanting to spend more time with my family. As many of you know the business was very time consuming for me and honestly I do not want to miss any more of my children’s childhood.
“No matter what business we start next. . .we will be sure to update you so we can visit like old times.”
From Naal, Hussein, Nadia and Kayla Sharkawi.
We wish them the best!
Have a great week!

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