The Page – February 22, 2023

Have you seen all those homeless men in the region last week?
It appears many wives and girlfriends were not happy with their Valentine’s Day gifts!
Oh, well! At least the dog has some company in the doghouse!

Adding to the above, The Page wonders how many babies are born around Nov. 14 each year.

Ever notice at this time of year profanity increases in the home?
Yes, it is tax time!

Wednesday, Feb. 22 there is a Shrove Tuesday Legion Pancake Supper from 6-7 p.m. Attend and support a good cause.
In The Bird’s Eye View published by the Town of McLennan it had this interesting tidbit : “Pancakes are traditional because eggs, sugar and fat, commonly forbidden during the Lenten fast, are used up so they will not go to waste.”
Hmm! The same thing goes on in The Page’s kitchen each week!

Down the road in High Prairie the big Zabava celebration is Saturday, Feb. 25.
It’s a big bash that includes a terrific meal with roast beef and traditional Ukrainian dishes, dancing by the Zirkas and a dance with Backwater Breakdown performing. A quilt raffle, cash games and 50-50 raffle are included.
Tickets are no longer on sale so you’re out of luck but those attending are promised a great time.
Each year, Zabava rolls around, The Page is reminded of Stompin’ Tom Connors song, Zakuska Polka! A true Canadian classic!

The Page was sick to his stomach last week when he read an article about – get this! – reusable deodorant! His mind reeled with disgusting thoughts. Who would buy and use reusable deodorant? Ewww!
Turns out Dove is turning what was a throwaway item into a usable one with the launch of a refillable deodorant. Whew! That is a lot different than what the first sentence suggested.
And a lot more sanitary, too!
Dove says its new case can withstand 900 pounds in weight and is made of 96 per cent recycled plastic and is 100 per cent recyclable.
If this case can withstand 900 pounds of weight how come The Page’s plastic pooper scooper broke so easily? The office cats Slink Panther and Link Panther don’t produce doo doo capable of breaking plastic that can withstand that type of pressure. It is another one of life’s great mysteries!

The Page received a news release from Top Employers Institute saying the workplace is changing since the pandemic.
Specifically, it says cubicles are turning into hotel lobbies, clubhouses and coffee shops as the office environment is changing. It is where Top Employers Institute makes its pitch. They say they can give expert advice on changing office space to focus more on company culture.
The Page is all for this following in the steps of former Premier Ralph Klein, who used to hold shop at a downtown Calgary bar, so the legend goes. Many important meetings of High Prairie’s “Men of Knowledge” occur at A&W. The Page is not against having the odd meeting at a comfy lounge or at a park bench sipping a cool one, hoping the law enforcement officers leave him alone.
Gee, we all know how politicians like to booze it up atop rooftops in Edmonton or at conventions, where alcohol flows as free as the centre spot on a bingo card. Politicians tell you how much valuable work and expert decision making gets does in these environments. How about the common worker?
But does The Page digress?

Over to the west of us, the M.D. of Fairview is running a neat competition.
Called the Birdhouse Competition, the M.D. is showcasing local talent. Participants build birdhouses from scratch, or birdhouse kits, and enter them. The winning entry receivers a $200 gift certificate to the Fairview Ski Hill.
The neat thing is all birdhouses become the property of the M.D. They plan to place them at the Maples park at Dunvegan.
No doubt Tweety and his friends will be thanking the M.D. and birdhouse builders for their efforts!

The NHL trade deadline is fast approaching.
The Page knows hockey is a business and many players make millions of dollars.
But does anyone stop to think how players and their families feel when broadcasters and analysts toss their names around like dough at a pizza shop? Trade him! He’s no good! We can get a better player! He doesn’t fit in! He’s washed up! The Page sometimes thinks that the entire process (rumours included, not fact!) dehumanizes players.
Again, yes, these players make big money but we can do a little better than that, can’t we, when it comes to how we treat people?

Have a great week!

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