The Page – February 15, 2023

Oldie but Goodie – “Honesty is the best policy. But it’s important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy.” – comedian George Carlin

“Always read stuff that will make you look good if you happen to die in the middle of it.” – P.J. O’Rourke

Following through on this week’s editorial, let’s talk some more about ‘trashing the neighbours.’ Some people just can’t stand to see their neighbours get ahead in life.
In Australia, the folks there have even given ‘success bashing’ a name. And you know, it doesn’t even have to be success. Just buy a new car or truck and see the neighbours tongues go a’wagging!
It’s been around since, – well – we think Adam gave Eve an apple and one bird sitting on a branch said to another other, “Look at that. Who the heck does that guy think he is? Passing out food like he owns the Garden.”
The name of this bashing is ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome.’ We’ve talked about this before in these columns. The story goes, farmers were so concerned crops looked nice and even, if they saw a stalk of wheat or poppy growing taller than the rest of the field, they chopped the head of the plant off. Can’t have plants getting uppity you know. And we don’t want the neighbours talking about how our crop seems to be doing better than others. And we have to do our part to ‘fit in.’
The moral of this little story can be found in folk tales, ancient parables and words of advice that are passed on from generation to generation. Don’t buy anything flashy. Don’t stand out from the crowd. If are having success, don’t tell anybody. Don’t flash your money around. And so it goes.
Of course, when Fred down the road buys that new combine, he must be up to something. And Denise with that new convertible and going on a trip, well, you know where she got that money, don’t you? Sniff.
Gosh, some days it seems like you can’t even think about putting some steaks on the grill without somebody in the store saying, “Must be nice, having money to buy those things.”
Take a jab right back.
“Yes indeed it is. And next weekend we’re having them all over again.”
Maybe even rub it in. “I would invite you and your wife over, but you know, I don’t want the neighbours talking how I’m getting uppity.”
Moral of this whole story is another saying – “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Success in one corner tends to spread, inspiring and creating opportunities for others everywhere. Celebrate success. Don’t belittle it.

Well, good ol’ Rex Murphy had a great column last week. He was picking on our national broadcaster, the CBC.
Summing up his column, he said viewership is way down because the CBC is getting too, what he called, ‘preachy.’
So Wednesday evening last week, The Page is doing its patriotic duty, watching the tail end of one CBC show that we saw, is indeed kind of preaching about diversity as an undercurrent. We were waiting for a show that is, we find quite good and we’ve been enjoying. Pretty Hard Cases.
And what happens? Two police, a diverse male and a female, do a traffic stop on one of the main characters, a cop herself but undercover. They slam her to the ground after they find a pack of fake drugs in her car, ignoring her as she pleads with them to call her in and see if she is indeed police. Did I mention the bully cops are white and that show’s star on the ground is black?
Rex, you are indeed correct. CBC couldn’t just leave a decent, reasonably funny and reasonably thoughtful cop show with interesting characters alone. They had to run off and start preaching.

Valentine’s Day. Family Day. Spring equinox in another few weeks. Advertising already for exhibitors for local sports and trade shows that are coming down the road.
Our own ‘official’ marker of spring, the Edmonton Sportsman Show, is just around the corner.
All of these are as good a reminders as any it’s time to get outside and get as much out of winter as you can. As well as getting ready for spring too. As always, where did the time go?

“Some day I want to be rich. Some people get so rich, they lose all respect for humanity. That’s how rich I want to be.” – Rita Rudner

“He’s a baby. That’s what babies do, the dear things. Crap, puke and cry. Anything else is a bonus.” – Grandma Smithers

“Your Grandma doesn’t need to shave her legs as much as she used to because, when you reach a certain age, that kind of growth slows down. The other good thing is it gives her more time to tend to that moustache that started growing on her top lip.” – Grandpa Jonesy

Gasoline Prices Around Alberta – As reported by GasBuddy,
Friday, Feb. 9.

Calgary 109.9
Edmonton 115.9
Stony Plain 116.9
Olds 121.3
Lloydminster 123.0
Valleyview 124.9
Grimshaw 125.0
Driftpile 125.9
Joussard 125.9
Westlock 126.3
Hinton 126.9
High Level 127.2
Slave Lake 127.9
Whitecourt 127.9
Grande Prairie 129.9
Peace River 129.9
High Prairie 132.9

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