The Page – February 1, 2023

The Page notes that the Town of Falher has had another resignation on council. This time, Patrick Simon resigned due to personal reasons.
Falher is not unlike many small towns and villages. They have trouble finding citizens to serve on council. It is a huge commitment.
Then we see the Dec. 19, 2022 elections at Driftpile Cree Nation. Nine people ran for chief and an incredible 67 to win one of nine council positions. Sixty-seven! Wow! One might even get confused filling out a ballot so big!
The tongues are wagging at the coffee shops. Each expert surely has an opinion on the discrepancy in Falher and Driftpile. Is it the money? Did something fire up the citizens of Driftpile prompting them to run? Or is simply because Driftpile residents care more about local politics?

Unless you have lived in a cave the last decade or so, you are aware of the physician shortage in Alberta.
Alberta currently trains doctors in Edmonton and Calgary. It is obviously not enough. Finally, after decades of sitting on their hands, the Alberta government is taking steps to train physicians in Lethbridge and Grande Prairie.
Lordy, an election must be coming! After years of inaction, finally something that might actually make a difference!
But wait a minute! The investment the UCP-led government is ballyhooing? A whopping $1 million.
Well, the urban MLAs certainly strained themselves to support rural Alberta on this one, didn’t they? A million bucks will not go very far by the time all the mucky mucks have a few meetings.
The Page figures to be wary of politicians when they aren’t sitting on their hands. It usually means they are reaching into your pockets for more money.

The Page also sees the leaders in the Dome in Edmonton are “pausing” vehicle insurance rates to the end of 2023. Nice way of saying no increases.
This should be applauded by everyone. The Page has had to bust into his piggy bank to pay higher rates the last few years. Poor piggy is getting pretty thin with all the increases!
The Page must also point out the Alberta NDP have long advocated for this action. At the time of writing, the NDP did not have a chance to respond. Can’t wait to hear what Rachel and her Orange Crush gang have to say about this!
Must be an election coming for Conservatives to oppose increases from big business. Or didn’t The Page already say that?

The Page is involved with the NPHL and hears some of the “gossip” making the hockey talk circuit.
A few months ago, there was talk of reviving both the High Prairie Regals and Lakeland Eagles. It did not happen. The Page was privy to knowing members of both teams involved.
Last week, The Page heard there was movement from a group wanting to form a new team. This new team would play out of McLennan or High Prairie and not be named Regals or Eagles. Secret sources say organizers want to totally “rebrand” the team name and start over. Interesting!
The league has no comment as an application has not been made for league entry. Such an application must be made at the NPHL’s spring meeting. For the record, the people involved my not be the same as those a few months ago.
Stay tuned!

Speaking of hockey but turning our attention to the pro ranks, did anyone notice what the NHL did Jan. 14?
Let’s see. Calgary at Dallas. Ottawa at Colorado. Montreal at New York Islanders. See a common theme yet?
Toronto at Boston, Vancouver at Florida. Edmonton at Vegas. Winnipeg had the night off.
Six Canadian teams all playing on the road on a Saturday night. In the Original Six Days, Montreal and Toronto played at home Saturday, then boarded the train for games the next night in American cities.
Not that it matters, but it just did not seem right. No pro hockey in Canada on a Saturday night in January.

Lately, if you do not like the weather, just wait a few hours! Sheesh!

Have a great week!

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