The Page – December 7, 2022

Your columnist was in Edmonton last Nov. 29 for a medical appointment.
Needless to say, we were very happy with the winter tires Fountain Tire in Falher sold us a couple winters ago. As an aside, we never got to use them last winter because it was just too nice out. Hey, here’s a fan for climate change in our part of the country anyway. Just keep out the freezing rain!
So, the temperature dropped to the mid -20s thus there were no worries about freezing rain.
But! Snow! And more snow! And still more snow!
What used to take us about 10 minutes driving around the north side of the city took us 45 minutes. Traffic crawled. No idea where the lanes were. In fact, no ideas where curbs and medians were. Bump, bump, bump! Ooops!
Good news is, unlike the usual first snow of winter, drivers were taking extra care. As were we, but so happy with our snappy tires. Yup, not even in 4-wheel drive and drove right over that snow-covered hidden curb with barely a spin, Heh, heh!
As we have written before, get those winter snowshoes. ‘All Seasons’ don’t even come close.

After she got engaged, she thought, “What have I done to deserve this?”
After she got married, picking clothes up off the floor, she thought, “What have I done to deserve this?”

“Most newspapers are very conscientious. They go to great lengths to print accurate reports of the lies told by politicians, the pretexts advanced by bureaucrats, and the hallucinations entertained by economists.” – Richard Need- ham

As you may have heard, Monkey Pox is the name of the disease that is now not to be named that. Near as we can tell, somebody someplace decided that monkeys were offended by the name. Sort of like the names of sports teams. You can’t call your team something, because it might be ‘culture appropriation’ instead of a name actually intended to be an honour, a source of pride, and a name to strike fear into opponents.
In fact, we are so intimidated by all the political correctness, we won’t even name those names for fear of being cancelled. Sheesh!
But we do have to ask, are the Grimshaw Huskies actually an affront to Jack Russels, Dach- shunds, and Chihua- huas?
And the High Prairie Regals? Supreme hockey players or flunkeys to those who favour the monarchy over those wanting to cancel the King?
But we wander. So, who is going to stand up for renaming Chicken Pox? Egg lovers? And what about that horrible affront to short people – Small Pox?
And once you get started on this, how about that huge insult to roofing material? Can you just imagine the harm done calling an affliction shingles? Oh, the humanity!

To tell the truth, since we have to tear down monuments some people don’t like, we will probably soon no longer name diseases after famous people. Like Lou Gehrigs’s Disease. Or Crohn’s Disease.
If that’s the case, let’s move forward and name diseases after politicians we don’t like. To illustrate, here is what it could be like in Western Canada.
Says the doctor to his patient, “I’m sorry to tell you, but you now have Trudeau Disease.”
“Oh gosh!” says the stricken patient. “Doc, is it it…Pierre or Justin? Please don’t tell me it’s Justin Disease.”
The doc replies, “Don’t worry. It’s Pierre Trudeau Disease. We have some pretty good cures for that. History shows there are ongoing complications, but so far, mostly not totally fatal. Be very, very thankful you don’t have Justin Disease. That can be a real nasty situation.”

“Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their own level, then beat you up with experience.” – Mark Twain

Canada’s national broadcaster, the CBC, is pulling out the stops finding people who will say Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s Sovereignty Act is illegal, unconstitutional, bad for Alberta, bad for Canada, and bad, just plain, well, bad, bad, bad!
Because you know, that’s what Canadians want to hear from Central Canada mouthpieces. Heck, we haven’t even seen anything done with the Act. Except of course, the intent is to keep Justin Trudeau’s federal government from doing things that will harm Alberta.
Compare that to what is now called Freedom Convoy 2.0. According to CBC ‘sources’ some folks are trying to organize another protest in Ottawa against the federal government. The first one, we understand, was protesting Trudeau overreach in forcing masks, and heading in the direction of forcing vaccinations, not just for international truckers and travellers, but everybody.
At the Freedom Convoy itself, and as these things often do, some elements got out of control. So now government is saying, in a grand CYA effort, the whole Convoy was a chaotic mess putting people in danger.
And guess what? We now have people saying Smith’s Sovereign Act is a chaotic mess that will put people, and the economy, and all of Alberta, in danger.
We are thinking the real chaotic mess is actually in Ottawa, and that hotbed of Liberal supporters in media and voters, Toronto.

Have a great week!

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