The Page – August 31, 2022

The Page has to say, if we were in government or in the top levels of civil servants advising governments across Canada, we would be hanging our head in shame.
That would be perhaps, because we like to think we have a shred of honour and a sense of responsibility. Anybody having anything to do with managing our health systems, right across Canada, well, you sure made a mess of it all.
It has to be said, it takes a whole new level of gross incompetency, grand stupidity, total arrogance and absolute dumb assedness, involving many people, over many years to get Canada to this state of affairs.
It isn’t a surprise. There were warnings about cracks in the system for at least the past fifteen years.
If people dug a bit, they would likely find the warnings, and the complete tone deaf responses to those warnings, were going on long before that.
So here we are. Every day, there are stories across Canada about waiting times, burned out hospital workers, doctors and nurses, emergency room closings, postponed and constantly delayed operations.
Not just once a month. Not just once a week. Every day.
Are they all just something that governments don’t like talking about, thinking these problems will just go away?
Because gosh, if there is “action” going on somewhere, the rest of us want to know what it is.
Citizens are right to ask, what the hell is going on here?

Speaking of ‘governments don’t like talking about it, hoping it will just go away or sort itself out,’ we remember that was Alberta government policy for decades when it came to recessions.
The official definition of recession is “two consecutive quarters of Gross Domestic Product decline.”
Usually, it would be three or four declines before any person in government would admit that, hey, yes indeed we are in a recession. The idea being that if one talks about it, it will scare people into not spending money.
And not spending money is the worst thing to do in a recession.
Sort of like shouting “Fire” in a theatre.
You know, we don’t want to panic people. Because, you know, all you good folks out there are, you know, as stupid as all get out.
And only us big shots in government know how to manage things.
As the saying goes, the reality is the overpaid health officials in Canada, and their supporting politicians, couldn’t make money with a pay toilet, even if it was the only crapper in the city.

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