The Page – August 3, 2022

Enjoy the rodeo in High Prairie Aug. 2!
One more day to go!

Lots of chatter about Hockey Canada last week!
The Page is appalled that minor hockey organizations like those in Falher, Peace River and High Prairie, were paying fees to Hockey Canada, whose leaders put it into a secret fund to pay off sexual assault cases. Talk about cover your own and the players’ asses!
I am sure the single parent who works long hours to pay minor hockey fees for this type of garbage is really happy today.
The Page’s disgust is softened only by the fact he may be near a minister when he blows his stack!
Hockey Canada’s actions were absolutely disgusting. No other way to put it.
And how about the names of the players? How about making their names public and holding them accountable! Where is the penalty for their actions? I thought hockey was supposed to build character.
Hockey produces many outstanding men and women across this country but when the bad apples screw up Hockey Canada should not cover up their mistakes. It begs the question: Is Hockey Canada covering up for the players or its own inept handling of such matters?

Take a bow, Alberta!
Restaurants Canada released its pandemic liquor policy report card July 27 and Alberta received the best grade in Canada! We knew we were great, but really, we’re blushing!
The study grades each province on how industry-friendly their liquor policy landscape is for bars and restaurants. Alberta jumped to a B from a B- after reducing red tape by more than one-third for licensed establishments.
“Alberta continues to be a liquor policy role model by implementing reforms that make selling alcohol easier for bars and restaurants,” says Mark von Schellwitz, Restaurant Canada’s vice president, Western Canada.
But there is room for improvement.
“To potentially earn yet another bump in their grade by our next report Alberta should stay focused on reducing liquor costs for foodservice businesses, continue to cut red tape, and reintroduce a liquor server wage,” he adds.
Following are the grades:
B+ for Alberta.
B for B.C.
B for N.S.
B- for N.B.
C+ for NL
C+ for Ontario.
C+ for P.E.I..
C for Manitoba.
C for Quebec.
C– for Saskatchewan.

The above item reminds The Page of a joke about the actor who was an alcoholic.
He loved it from the cheers to the booze! Groan!

As if the Page did not have enough to worry about, he recently read an article from Sylvain Charlebois. He warns us to be ready of a shortage of chickpeas!
Oh, my Lord!
Charlebois expects supplies to drop big time in the next few months. Why the concern?
Apparently, chickpeas are primarily associated with hummus, an increasingly popular source of fibre for curious consumers wanting to experiment with new ingredients and dishes.
Chickpea crops are expected to drop 20 per cent worldwide. India is the largest producer followed by Turkey and Russia. Canada is ninth.
Well, now The Page is relieved! No chickpeas in his hamburgers, pizzas or hotdogs! That was a close call!

The Page thinks he might get up early and go jogging starting next week!
He also thinks he might win the lottery next week!
The Page figures the odds are about the same in both matters!

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