The Page – August 24, 2022

The Page continues to find it interesting the MD of Smoky River elected its first ever female councillor.
Like, we just don’t know what to say about this. Remarkable? Long over due? Amazing? Or just another day at the office, move along folks nothing to see here?
We’re kind of baffled. But indeed, there is a new councillor at the MD. And indeed, she is the first female. So of course it deserves some kind of mention.
We suppose once upon a time, everywhere in rural Canada, there was a “first female.” And a “first person not a farmer.” And a “first councillor under the age of 50.” And a “first councillor who didn’t know what a B-Train is.” All kinds of stuff.
But now we have so many female reeves, female mayors, female prime ministers and provincial premiers, and so many female councillors, Members of Parliament and MLA’s everywhere it isn’t even news any more. That’s a good thing, right?
Anyway, congratulations to Paula Guindon and Smoky River.
We will give her the last word, as reported last week in this newspaper, and can be read online:
“Honesty and authenticity are visible in the actions we take, the words we speak and how we treat ourselves and others.”
Something some politicians in many places forget all too often.

This hot, hot weather is exactly the weather that brings out algae blooms. Winagmi and Bear Lake are already under advisories. Usually by this time of year, and in weather like this, algae blooms are also spotted on Lesser Slave Lake.
But in fact, incidents of algae explosions are becoming less and less. Our own thinking on this is less waste from using garden, lawn and farm fertilizers that actually end up washing into rivers and creeks and fertilizing lake algae. After all, algae is just another plant.
Plus, the work of groups like the Lesser Slave Lake Watershed promoting riparian areas (the vegetation between creeks and rivers and farmland) is all part of making impacts on water quality.
We are actually fortunate to live just a wee bit northwards so we don’t get as much of the warm weather and warmer water that promotes algae blooms. Even so, coming up to the end of summer, we expect some here and there.
All algae are not bad. But be careful when swimming, don’t let animals drink the water, and if are in contact with algae, wash it off with clean water as soon as you can.

The news is that UPC leader Danielle Smith is slightly ahead of Travis Toews and Brian Jean in the leadership contest. Then there is a gaggle of players in the rest of the field.
One keen observer of the happenings says this is just like Ed Stelmach and Alison Redford, both former leaders and premiers.
Says he “There was a front runner, but that person couldn’t get the votes he needed. So both of the other two came up from behind and got the leadership.”
Stelmach of course was a bland but steady Eddie type of premier. Redford built herself the notorious “sky palace.” The whole thing of a declining, tired and worn out PC party led to Rachel Notley’s New Democrats taking power.

While it still seems like summer, the fact is fall is coming. And school is not the only thing that happens.
All our local governments, or at least the ones on the ball, are already planning out their projects and budgets for the coming year.
Got ideas your local council needs to take a look at? Don’t wait until March or April of next year. Wayyyy too late. Get the ear of your friendliest councillor and start bending it. Write some letters to council or to the newspapers. Send an email. Squeaky wheels get all the grease.
Which of course applies to all those councils meeting or talking with their provincial counterparts. Don’t listen to that old saw how they don’t know who is going to run the party, who might be forming the next government, or who might be in or out of cabinet.
We’ve heard it before and been stalled out in left field before.
There’s an old poker saying. When you sit down, look around the table. After a few hands, if you can’t figure out who the sucker is, it’s you.
Councillors, school boards, unions and businesses, farmers, and more, government is flush with money. If you can’t figure out who is going to be getting money, rest assured, it isn’t you.

“Yeah I know you are the 1,000 person to visit that website and you won a prize. Don’t hand in your notice at work just yet. Why not? Try looking up the word ‘gullible’ in the dictionary.” – Grandpa Jonesy

“I am sure it brings a whole lot of pleasure to the feeble-minded. But I just can’t imagine how boring my life would have to be to sign up with Twitter.” – Grandma Smithers

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