The Page – August 17,2022

You might have noticed a new name appearing as the writer of some of our news stories. Emily Plihal joins the Smoky River Express / South Peace News team as what is called our Local Journalism Initiative (LJI) news reporter.
Emily will be writing stories in the Falher, Peace River, McLennan areas and of course, points in between.
Already, her “Meet the ‘Powderpuff Girls’ “ story, with photos by Maria Frank, is one of the top rated stories in our Most Popular the Past 14 Days list on our websites.
The LJI news is a Government of Canada program to encourage newspapers and media to report stories in what is determined to be under served areas right across Canada. There are quite a few areas right here in Alberta deemed not be getting news coverage they deserve. Which The Page now supposes includes our region. The list in Alberta includes St. Albert, Barrhead, Westlock, Lac La Biche, Pincher Creek, Drumheller, Stettler, Coronation, Jasper, Medicine Hat, Beaverlodge, Grande Prairie and of course, regions surrounding those places. At least, those were regions which qualified for the program this year.
Got ideas for stories from Valleyview to Peace River to Girouxville and McLennan? Reach out to us at
You can also see many more stories from the LJI program at It’s really amazing how many communities across Canada have many of the same problems and issues our local governments and our own local people have to deal with. And also, how many ideas for community improvement there are out there.
Big news stories get all the attention from our so-called MSM – Main Stream Media. The LJI program is intended to give attention to all the rest of our stories in the rest of Canada.

One story not getting attention at all is an LJI story out of New Brunswick. In particular, how some big league operators, including governments and fishing unions, are trying to poison Mirimichi Lake in NB.
The problem, according to commercial fishing groups, is that small mouth bass are now considered in Mirimchi Lake to be an invasive species. Thus, the claim is they threaten Atlantic Salmon spawning grounds. Thus, to “solve” this “problem” it was planned last week to poison the entire lake, killing all fish in it. This would get rid of the problem fish, and any other fish in Mirimichi would be, well, collateral damage.
Last week, judge issued a court order halting the poisoning. A hearing is set for later this month.
Stories on this can be found at also.

Okay, One more shameless plug for
If you happen to be on Lesser Slave Lake, say around Joussard or Shaw’s Point Resort, you can look east and see, away down the lake, just poking over the horizon, Marten Mountain.
Guess what? There is a guy up on the mountain who can look right back at you. That would be Douglas Hauer. Hauer mans the Marten Mountain Tower. He is on the watch for forest fires for an area around 40 kilometres around him. Although of course, he can see much further and assists other towers.
Out on Lesser Slave? Or you can see the tip of Marten Mountain from where you are? Heck, you might even know of a tower around you. Wave at the operator. They might wave back!

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