The Page – August 10, 2022

Ever hear of Blaine Lake, Sask.?
It’s a little community of about 500 people 85 km north of Saskatoon. If you never heard of it, you are probably not alone. It is considered to be the “Gateway to the Northern Lakes” because of its proximity to fishing, hunting and camping, and its location to two major highways.
Enough of the geography lesson! Why should we care? Something very interesting happened there Aug. 1.
CTV News in Saskatoon reported a gas war erupted between the community’s two gas stations: Blaine Lake Esso and Gas Pump. By the time the war reached its peak, Esso was charging 94.9 cents per litre and Gas Pump 96.9 cents per litre. In nearby Saskatoon, the price was $1.67 per litre. At the time of this writing in High Prairie, the price was $1.59.9 per litre.
It was reported it wasn’t long before people sniffed out a bargain. They started lining up with jerry cans and slip tanks ready to take advantage of a good deal. Can you blame them? Gas wars do not happen very often!
The Page asks, “Why can’t gas wars ever occur in Peace River, the Smoky River region, or High Prairie?”

Think you have it bad in High Prairie?
A letter to the editor by K. Hildingson in the Slave Lake Lakeside Leader in its Aug. 3 edition pointed out the price of gas in Slave Lake was $1.89.9 per litre while in High Prairie it was only $1.68.9 cents per litre.
What is odd is two gas stations in Slave Lake were selling gas for $1.50 per litre.
So home come gas prices are the same at many gas stations in the same town all over Alberta? Hmmmm!

The Page turned 60 a few months ago and was pretty depressed.
But then he remembered he has two older sisters and two older brothers!
Good times!

This paper hopes to renew Tot Talk after the COVID pandemic when school returns. Sorry, kids, for that reminder! We know many readers missed Tot Talk.
To add to the above, many years ago The Page asked children how many more sisters and brothers they wanted. They all wanted more.
Then The Page asked what annoyed them the most. Each said their brother or sister.
Ah, siblings! They do annoy us but deep down we still love them!

Another High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo has come and gone. Another great show, people!
Now it is time to clean off those cowboy boots, and wash all those clothes. Makes you wonder why Tide doesn’t come to town to do a commercial!

A passenger taps his taxi driver on the shoulder. He panics and nearly drives off the road killing them both.
“Don’t ever do that again!” yells the taxi driver.
“Gosh, what did I do wrong?” asks the passenger.
The taxi driver apologizes.
“Sorry, it’s my first day on the job. I drove a hearse for 20 years!’

Oh, the silly things people do! Its probably in all our DNA but most of us suppress it, thankfully!
Fort Saskatchewan RCMP report two people driving Hyundais were racing each other on Highway 21 July 31 just before 12:30 a.m.
“A laser speed measuring device confirmed their speeds to be 179 km/hr in a posted 100 km/hr zone,” writes Const. Lauren Mowbray, Media Relations officer, Fort Saskatchewan RCMP.
RCMP caught the culprits and referred to them as “novice” drivers.
Novice drivers! Sheesh! Driving at that speed! The Page would hope they are NASCAR or Indy drivers, highly skilled at going such speeds.
Both were issued summons to appear in court. A heavy fine appears to be in order. Perhaps yanking their licence for a month would help as a reminder of such foolish driving habits.

Closer to home, in Lac la Biche, RCMP were patrolling the Summer Days celebration when they heard yelling and screaming. Police discovered several people were peppered with bear spray.
Talk about ruining a good time!
EMS and fire crews attended to assist and decontaminate the victims. Summer Days closed early no doubt angering many people over the actions of the culprits.
Police arrested and charged two youth. One boy was charged with assault and released on conditions. The second was charged with assault with a weapon, possession of a prohibited weapon, and administering a noxious substance. Ages were not disclosed.
The Page thinks these are two very lucky boys who will not appear before sentencing in his court. Add to that the court of public opinion.
No doubt some bleeding heart judge will pat them on the head and let them go with probation.
The Page thinks a good kick in the ass would be a good start to a long list of punishment for this deliberate, senseless act. Taking bear spray to a summer festival and using it on helpless victims. What a couple of losers!

This funny note posted by Ken Melnyk.
“I have a memory like an Etch-a-Sketch. I shake my head and forget everything!”

A friend of The Page recently bought a toilet brush.
Last week, he said he was going back to toilet paper!
That just hurts!

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