The Page – April 27, 2022

Chirp! Chirp!
The Page wonders if Peace Country communities are feeling left out.
With apologies to McLennan, proudly the Bird Capital of Canada, Calgary is in the midst of voting for its official city bird. The Page does not know of any community in the Peace [except for Grande Prairie – the Swan City] that has an official bird. He stands to be corrected.
Back in Cowtown, Ward 11 Councillor Kourtney Penner brought forward the idea in mid-March. After consulting with local Indigenous groups and nature organizations, a volunteer group called Bird Friendly Calgary created a list of five birds for Calgarians to vote for: black-capped chickadee, black-billed magpie, northern flicker, red-breasted nuthatch, or blue jay.
The idea came about after Cowtown was named a Bird Friendly City by Nature Canada. Voting ends May 1 with a winner announced May 14 to coincide with World Migratory Bird Day. Council then makes the vote official at a meeting later.
We know there are far more important matters for local councils to deal with but how about naming an official bird in High Prairie, Falher, Peace River, McLennan, etc.? Why stop there? An official animal, perhaps?
The Page is disappointed in the choices in Cowtown. The Page is biased. How about the robin or Canada goose?
By the way, we cannot choose the mosquito because Saskatchewan has already declared it as the provincial bird! Would not want to ruffle any feathers, no pun intended!

Passed along to The Page by a friend: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has burned enough jet fuel the last 10 months to fly around the world three times.
So much for his green agenda!

From a Prague newspaper: “The danger to Canada is not Justin Trudeau, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with being prime minister. . .”
No arguments from the West on that one!

A man went to the liquor store the other day on his bicycle. He bought a bottle of scotch and put it in the bicycle basket.
Before he left for home, he thought, “What if I fall off the bicycle and the bottle breaks?”
So, he drank the entire bottle.
Turns out the man was right. He fell down seven times while cycling home.

This is actually pretty scary!
Diana J. Siegfries posted April 20 on the High Prairie and Area Discussion Board that her daughters were bit by a loose dog near a High Prairie park. She even posted a photo!
Pet owners, do not let your dogs run free! Anywhere! You can not only be fined but it can be very dangerous!
Hope the girls are OK!

Many days, The Page feels he is a person who wants to do a lot of things, but finds himself in a body that doesn’t!

Local councils are passing their final 2022 budgets or have already done so.
Years ago, The Page liked to tease former High Prairie mayor John Brodrick, who uses to say, “No new taxes”.
What he really meant was, “Know new taxes!”

The Page sees many gardening tips and does not know which to believe. How about this one?
Take your banana peels and put them in a mason jar and cover with water. Let sit 2-3 days and pour. It’s great for tomatoes and peppers!
Apparently, the reason is bananas are high in potassium and have no nitrogen!

Want to know why cows hate sports?
One cowhide can produce enough leather to make 20 footballs, 18 soccer balls, 18 volleyballs or 12 basketballs!

Plenty of talk in High Prairie about forming a neighbourhood watch or reviving Citizens on Patrol.
Many are concerned with crime lately. Before restrictions lessened due to the pandemic, judges were letting crooks off pretty easy. Others arrested were not remanded. Why? Because “the system” feared COVID outbreaks in the jails. This was not the entire reason but a big part of it.
Today, as the weather warms, thieves are reappearing in full force helping themselves to property from honest citizens. The RCMP and peace officers would no doubt welcome many more sets of eyes watching during the day and night.
Interested in Citizens on Patrol? Contact the local RCMP in your area for more information.

Have a great week!

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