Man jailed for life in Aden murder

Winston Derksen was sentenced in Court of King’s Bench to life in prison on Dec. 2, exactly three years after he shot and killed Faisal Fadul Aden on an oilfield service road south of Red Earth Creek.
Neither man is from Red Earth Creek. Aden, 24, was from Edmonton, Derksen from Yellowknife. At the time of the crime, he was 30.
A jury in Peace River Court of Queen’s Bench (now Court of King’s Bench) found Derksen guilty of second-degree murder in February of this year.
In his Reasons for Decision, Justice E.J. Simpson noted the facts.
On Dec. 1, 2019, Derksen and his girlfriend left Yellowknife to go to Edmonton and then B.C. Derksen had a .45 caliber handgun in the truck, which his girlfriend said she didn’t know about. They arrived in High Level at around 11:30 p.m. Then they backtracked all the way to Hay River (3.5 hours), to pick up Aden from the jail there.
Aden was a stranger to both Derksen and his girlfriend. Justice Simpson’s account does not explain or even suggest why they were asked (or instructed) to pick him up. There is evidence he was a drug dealer. Neither Derksen or his girlfriend asked Aden his name, nor did Derksen speak with Aden very much during the drive.
At around 4:30 or 5 p.m., the three people pulled off onto an oilfield service road south of Red Earth Creek, northeast of Utikuma Lake. Derksen took the .45 from wherever he had stowed it and hid it under his clothing.
Derksen’s girlfriend was smoking in front of the vehicle, while Derksen and Aden urinated at the back. The men argued. Derksen pulled out the gun. The men struggled for the gun. Derksen fired the gun nine times, hitting Aden four times. The first shot wounded Aden and nicked Derksen’s girlfriend’s ear. One bullet wounded Aden’s chest, stomach and left arm. Another hit his buttocks.
The girlfriend testified that Aden walked holding his stomach. The kill shot was a bullet behind his left ear. When he was face down on the ground, Derksen shot him in the head again.
Aden’s body was found on Dec. 4, about half a kilometre off Hwy. 88.
Derksen convinced his girlfriend that they needed to get rid of their clothes. He also disposed of the gun and Aden’s belongings. They drove to Edmonton and then on to British Columbia. By the time they reached Prince George, they were suspects in Aden’s murder.
Derksen came up with a story and threatened his girlfriend if she did not lie to the police. In December 2019, the girlfriend lied to the police.
On March 6, 2020, police arrested Derksen and his girlfriend for the crime. This time, she broke with Derksen, telling the police what actually happened.
Charges against the girlfriend were withdrawn in October year.
The Crown maintained Derksen shot and killed Aden. The defence said that Derksen wounded him once and that Derksen’s girlfriend shot and killed Aden.
But Justice Judge Simpson wasn’t buying it.
“I reject his evidence that (his girlfriend) fired the handgun,” he wrote.
“I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt and find as a fact Winston Derksen, not (his girlfriend), shot Faisal Aden.”
The jury apparently agreed with him.
Derksen has a criminal record. At the time, he was prohibited from having any weapons. Along with the life sentence, Derksen’s weapons prohibition was extended for life.
Red Earth Creek is about 150 km northeast of High Prairie.

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