Editorial – Americans must feel “blessed and forever grateful” Sanders is leaving

Tom Henihan

If we can believe her, Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she will step down as White House Press Secretary at the end of June.

Trump revealed on Twitter that Sanders, who took over from the discredited and equally shameless Sean Spicer in July 2017, plans to leave his administration at the end of this month.

In one tweet, Trump also alluded to the possibility that Sanders may at some point emulate her father and run for Governor of Arkansas.

In spite of her close affiliation with Donald Trump and her reputation as an incorrigible liar, a number of political pundits believe that Sanders would have a realistic chance of becoming Governor of Arkansas.

It is an abject scenario, to see someone who has publicly squandered any semblance of integrity, an audacious liar who has defended the amoral, malicious and infantile behaviour of Donald Trump, could not just be elected to public office but elected governor of Arkansas.

This woman has challenged the very notion of verifiable truth and has remained steadfast and impervious to every call to do her job properly and tell the truth to the media and by extension to the American people.

Sanders tweeted that she was “blessed and forever grateful” to Donald Trump for the opportunity to work in his administration, that she loved the president and her job but that the most important job she will ever have is being a mother to her kids and that it is now time to go home.

When someone says I am leaving public life in order to spend more time with my family, it never rings true.

When a practiced liar such as Sanders flaunts that line, it is safe to assume she has other aspirations besides tending to her children.

Demonstrating how boundlessly dishonest she is, Sanders admitted to investigators working for the Mueller inquiry that her claim that numerous FBI agents quietly expressed their support for Trump firing Director James Comey was groundless and that the claim was completely untrue.

However, when her admission of having lied became public with the release of the Mueller Report, Sanders tried to back pedal, adding qualifiers to her admission in another attempt to obscure the truth.

Predictably, Trump has showered praise on Sanders, no doubt reciprocating for her flawless performance in doing his bidding.

He tweeted, “….She is a very special person with extraordinary talents, who has done an incredible job! I hope she decides to run for Governor of Arkansas – she would be fantastic. Sarah, thank you for a job well done!”

In the toxic environment that surrounds Donald Trump, people become corrupt and diminished in order to survive.

However, Sanders needed to make no moral adjustments and appeared to be in her element from day one.

No successor to Sanders has been named, but considering that she has not held a press conference in over three months, some wonder if a replacement is necessary.

It is tempting to see Sarah Sanders exiting the White House as the end of a chapter, but sadly, that chapter will not close until the current occupant of the Oval Office finally leaves the building.

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3 thoughts on “Editorial – Americans must feel “blessed and forever grateful” Sanders is leaving

  1. Dudley Does Right · Edit

    To K Bains
    Yes, Tom is a little bit over the top. But it has to be said, it’s amazing the number of people who don’t like Donald Trump. Yet have a hard time articulating exactly what their problems with him are. Saying things like “He isn’t presidential” makes as much sense as hating your neighbour because you don’t like the way she combs her hair.

  2. Hmmm….. watching to much CNN, ABC and MSNBC. Why would you even want to comment on American politics when we have pressing issues here in Canada. Shameful!!!!!

  3. Tommy, you haven’t recovered from Hilary Clinton’s loss to Trump in 2016. You join the rabid rabble of reporters who really wish Trump would just drop dead! He will probably be re-elected in 2020, so like him or hate him, put on your big boy pants and do some analytical reporting, not hate-mongering on his Press Secretary.

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