COVID-19 UPDATE – May 19, 2020

As of May 19 Alberta Health has confirmed 33 new cases in Alberta in the last 24 hours after 2428 new tests were given.

There is no new cases in the North Zone in the last 24 hours.

92% of the cases in the North Zone have recovered.

Regions are defined by rural municipalities, city boundaries, and urban service areas; smaller regions (i.e. towns, villages, and reserves) are incorporated into the corresponding rural area. Cases without a postal code or incorrect postal codes are not included. Location information missing/invalid for: 46 case(s).

There has been 0 deaths reported in the North Zone in the last 24 hours.

The highest amount of active cases in the North Zone is currently, Mackenzie County (Northwest corner of Alberta:High Level, Fort Vermillion, La Crete, Rainbow Lake) which has 7 active cases followed by the MD of Smoky River (Falher, McLennan, Girouxville, Donnelly, Guy, Jean Cote, Kathleen, Winagami) with 3 active cases.

There are 229 cases in the North Zone, 6716 cases in Alberta, and 128 deaths in Alberta (92 in Calgary Zone, 12 in Edmonton zone, 15 in North Zone, 8 in the South Zone, 1 in the Central Zone). Of the 6716 cases, 8 are in ICU (Intensive Care) and 5,854 have recovered, which is just over 88.5% of the cases in Alberta.

There has been no deaths recorded for Alberta in the last 24 hours.

Canada has 79,112 confirmed cases. There have been 5,912 deaths recorded.
There have been 40,050 recovered cases in Canada which is just under 55% of the national population of cases.

The USA has 1,504,830 confirmed cases. There are 90,340 deaths recorded.

There are 4,735,622 cases worldwide. There are 316,289 deaths recorded worldwide. There are 1,679,155 cases recovered globally.

The top 5 highest ranked country of reported cases continue to be (From highest to lowest): USA, Russia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain. Canada holds at 14th.

The highest death toll, after the US, has been the United Kingdom (35,422), followed by Italy with 32,169 losses, France (28,025) and Spain (27,778). Brazil has now reached 17,971 deaths. Belgium reached 9,108. No other country has reached the 9,000 mark.

The top 5 highest countries in the world with recovered cases, from highest to lowest: US (289,392), Germany (155,681), Italy (129,401), Turkey (112,895), and, taking 5th place from Iran, Brazil (100,459).

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For a list of resources for Albertans during the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis click here.

Minister of Health, Tyler Shandro, announces funding of 14 Million/month to continuing care facilities for enhanced staffing, and cleaning supplies, and revenue lost from rent freezes and vacant beds. This funding is on top of any previously announced funding and will be retroactive to March 15. Funding will continue until public health orders are lifted and the threat of COVID-19 has passed.

Prime Minister Trudeau announces funding for women.

To better support businesswomen during the crisis, the federal government will inject $15 million into the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy.

Our government is also investing up to $100 million to ensure that the Red Cross can keep responding to COVID-19, while also preparing for potential floods and wildfires.

Health Canada has now approved the first Canadian clinical trials for a potential COVID-19 vaccine at the Canadian Centre for Vaccinology at Dalhousie University. The National Research Council of Canada will be working with the manufacturer so that if these vaccine trials are successful, we can produce and distribute it here at home.

$40 million for women’s shelters and sexual assault centres across the country and $10 million for emergency shelters were announced last week. The goal was to help these organizations take all the necessary steps to protect people not only from violence, but from COVID-19. On May 16, the Emergency Community Support Fund was launched with a budget of $350 million to assist these community organizations. Most of the funds will be distributed through United Way Centraide, the Community Foundations of Canada and the Red Cross.

There will be a boost to the Canada Child Benefit for the month of May, an additional $300 more per child. Starting on July 20, there will another increase to the Canada Child Benefit for the upcoming year. For the past 3 years the CCB was also increased every summer.

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