COVID-19 UPDATE – June 3, 2020

As of June 3 Alberta Health has confirmed 19 new cases in Alberta in the last 24 hours.

There are 6 new cases in the North Zone.

There has been 0 deaths recorded in the North Zone in the last 24 hours.

91% of the cases in the North Zone have recovered.

Regions are defined by rural municipalities, city boundaries, and urban service areas; smaller regions (i.e. towns, villages, and reserves) are incorporated into the corresponding rural area. Cases without a postal code or incorrect postal codes are not included. Location information missing/invalid for: 36 case(s).

The city of Grande Prairie now has 13 active cases, a jump of 4 from yesterday, making it the area of the North Zone with the highest active cases.

The city of Fort McMurray has 4 active cases.

Mackenzie County (Northwest corner of Alberta:High Level, Fort Vermillion, La Crete, Rainbow Lake) reported another cases bringing their total to 34 with 2 active cases.

The County of Grande Prairie No. 1 (Beaverlodge, Sexsmith, Wembley, Hythe, Bezanson, Clairmont, La Glace, Teepee Creek, Horse Lakes Indian reserve 152B, Kleskun Hill, Lake Saskatoon, Pipestone Creek, Richmond Hill Estates,Sandy Ridge Estates, Valhalla, Webster), Big Lakes County(High Prairie, Enilda, Faust, Joussard, Kinuso, Grouard, Heart River, Salt Prairie, Big Prairie, Prairie Echo Gilwood, Triangle), and Yellowhead County (Edson, Hinton, Marlboro, Evansburg, Niton Junction, Wildwood) still each all have 1 active case.

There are 252 cases in the North Zone, 7,076 cases in Alberta, and 145 deaths in Alberta (106 in Calgary Zone, 13 in Edmonton zone, 16 in North Zone, 9 in the South Zone, 1 in the Central Zone). Of the 7,076 cases, 48 are in the hospital and 6 are in ICU (Intensive Care). 6,587 cases have recovered, which is 95% of the cases in Alberta.

There are 344 active cases in Alberta.

There have been 2 deaths recorded for Alberta in the last 24 hours, both in the Calgary Zone.

Canada has 93,085 confirmed cases. There have been 7,498 deaths recorded.
There have been 51,048 recovered cases in Canada which is 55% of the national population of cases.

The USA has 1,827,425 confirmed cases. There are 106,202 deaths recorded and 479,258 recovered cases.

There are 6,287,771 cases worldwide. There are 379,941 deaths recorded worldwide. There are 2,786,525 cases recovered globally.

The top 5 highest ranked country of reported cases are (From highest to lowest): USA, Brazil(555,383), Russia(431,715), United Kingdom(281,270), and Spain(240,326). Canada drops to 15th.

The highest death toll, after the US, has been the United Kingdom (39,811), followed by Italy (33,601), Brazil (31,199), France (29,024). Spain(27,128) and Mexico (10,637) follow. No other country has reached the 10,000 mark.

The top 5 highest countries in the world with recovered cases, from highest to lowest after the USA: Brazil (223,638), Russia (195,559), Germany (167,453), and Italy (160,938). All other countries are below 160,000 recovered cases.

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