Count Docket – ‘I made a lot of mistakes,’ man tells court

H.P. court docket
Feb. 28, 2022
Judge M.B. Golden

A young man from the High Prairie area was sentenced to four months in jail after pleading guilty to possessing illegal drugs.
Michael Samuel Monteith, 33, was handed a global sentence of 120 days in jail for possession of a controlled substance when he appeared in High Prairie provincial court Feb. 28. It was just one of many charges he pleaded guilty to in court.
“I made a lot of mistakes,” Monteith told court during sentencing.
Monteith will not be spending any more time in custody. He was credited for time already served as he appeared from the Peace River Correctional Centre on closed-circuit television.
High Prairie RCMP found 3.5 grams of fentanyl when he was found passed out in a vehicle Jan. 3, 2021, federal Crown prosecutor Cam McCoy told court, which prompted the drug charge.
Monteith was also found guilty on several other charges and sentenced concurrently as part of his global sentence. He was sentenced to 101 days after pleading guilty to possession of stolen property, flight from a peace officer, theft under $5,000, failing to comply with release orders, and three counts of breach of probation.
The charges arose when Monteith was driving a stolen Mazda and led police on a chase at a “high rate of speed” on Aug. 18, 2021, provincial Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka said.
“He was driving in an erratic manner,” she added.
High Prairie RCMP discovered the vehicle was stolen after Monteith was stopped.
Police first observed the speeding vehicle at the junction of Highway 749 and Highway 2. He crashed the vehicle about two blocks away, the Crown said.
During another matter, Monteith stole a bottle of Bacardi valued at $29.99 from the High Prairie Liquor Depot on July 18, 2021. He was caught on surveillance video; however, the bottle was not reported missing until July 20.
Court heard Monteith also breached a release order when he was with a female named as a person in a no-contact order, the Crown added.
To worsen matters, Monteith also breached three probation orders when he did not report numerous times to his probation officer as directed.
Judge M.B. Golden agreed with joint submissions for sentencing from both federal and provincial Crowns and Monteith’s lawyer, Anthony Morrish.
During sentencing, Monteith told court he wants to get out of his criminal way of life and not return to court.
Morrish added Monteith has made plans to get on with his life and get residential treatment for his substance abuse.

Curtis Laderoute, 30, of Atikameg, was handed a conditional sentence order for 28 days after pleading guilty to failing to comply with release conditions.
Court heard he broke a curfew order when he was outside his residence from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka said.
High Prairie RCMP responded to a complaint about him on Dec. 31, 2021 around 11:30 p.m. and when they arrived, Laderoute could not be seen on the property.
“They found footprints away from the house to lead them to find him hiding in the bush,” Shapka said.
Judge M.B. Golden agreed with a joint submission for sentencing by the Crown and Laderoute’s lawyer, Oli- via Manzer.
“This is a relatively early guilty plea,” Shap- ka said.
“He is taking responsibility for his actions,” she added.
As part of his Laderoute’s order, during the first 14 days he must remain inside his residence 24 hours a day. He will then have more freedom in the final 14 days when he will be on a curfew from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Judge Golden added the order was appro- priate for the crime considering that COVID-19 cases remain high in many prisons.

Brenda Lee L’Hirondelle, 58, of McLennan, was handed a global sentence of 16 days after pleading guilty to assaulting a peace officer and two counts of failing to attend court.
She was released after being given credit for time already served in the Edmonton Remand Centre as she appeared on closed-circuit television.
Court heard the charge arose after L’Hirondelle was not co-operative when she was taken into custody on May 6, 2020 at 4:30 p.m., Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka said.
“She kicked an officer in the leg,” Shapka said.
High Prairie RCMP assisted Town of High Prairie peace officers who responded to a complaint of an intoxicated woman passed out in downtown High Prairie near the intersection of 49 St. and 52 Ave.
“She was highly intoxicated, shouting and angry,” Shapka told court.
Judge M.B. Golden agreed with a joint submission for sentencing by the Crown and duty counsel, Harry Jong.
“She says she has memory problems,” Jong said.
“She doesn’t remember what happened that day,” he added.
L’Hirondelle missed two docket days prompting the failure to appear charges, Shapka added.

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One thought on “Count Docket – ‘I made a lot of mistakes,’ man tells court

  1. Michael Samuel Monteith, 33 is a convicted fentanyl user and a phone book of other charges which he was convicted on. Judge M B Golden, living on his $289,000 salary, decided on a “global” sentence for all charges all wrapped up nice and tidy.
    Fentanyl has killed many people in the Peace area through overdoses, it is a major source of violent crime and in the United States possession of fentanyl will get you 2 years in jail.
    Judge Golden and Monteith deserve each other. Neither one takes this drug seriously.

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