Commentary – It’s time to take a stand

Chris Clegg

I believe we live in the greatest country in the world.

Still, one should never rest on their laurels and realize there is room for improvement. Allow me to explain.

Too many Albertans can’t seem to understand that Canada is a failed marriage. You have one domineering side comprised of mainly Quebec with a whole lot of help from their eastern neighbours, and the passive, submission, weak as a church mouse side, Alberta.

The domineering side is hell bent on destroying the submissive side’s very lifeline of its wealth – the energy industry.

And they do it without sneaking around at dark in the public, waiting to whack its victim on the knees with a crowbar before slinking down some sewer hole. They do it in broad daylight.

But rather than prepare ourselves for the next whack, Alberta simply comes back for more punishment not unlike a boomerang.

But you can’t blame Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is simply carrying on the wishes of his old man. Both despise Alberta like burnt toast in the morning. I call it despise but it’s probably jealously. Rich, spoiled, entitled brats behave like that.

Trudeau the Younger has implemented energy and environmental policies to exert complete dominance and control over Alberta’s energy resources. Former US president Donald Trump would have been proud, not supporting the action but the crass way in which it is implemented. Just who learned what from whom?

Under Trudeau’s green policy, he halts development, implements taxation, tanker and infrastructure legislation, and development regulations, to put a stranglehold on Alberta’s economy. It’s like telling a baker to make bread and not give him any flour.

And it’s working. You can hear the shrieks of delight all the way from Rideau Hall to Jasper National Park like little girls at a slumber party.

Trudeau the Younger has also creating laws and rules that don’t apply to similar industries or even to the energy industry in other parts of Canada. Oh, what a happy marriage this is!

The most hypocritical aspect of this economic fiasco is both Trudeaus have grinned like the Cheshire Cat while siphoning Alberta’s wealth to the east.

And Alberta? We take it like a kick in the crotch and come up smiling. Quebec is the province most committed to killing Alberta’s oil industry, yet benefits the most from the wealth transfers. Wonderful!

Did you know Quebec has received an average of $15 billion per year over the last 20 years? Or $300 billion!

Every attempt by Alberta to correct this gross indecency has failed. Sorry for the analogy, but how many times does a battered spouse go back to the marriage before enough is enough?

The miserable failings have not been limited to the hallowed halls of the Alberta legislature. Big Lakes County, which surrounds High Prairie, sent almost its entire council and some administration to Quebec City for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference two years ago to “straighten out Quebec”. They spend tens of thousands of dollars that accomplished nothing more than adding to Quebec’s tourist industry.

As if Quebec needed even more money from Alberta!

It boggles the mind how Alberta takes it on the chin over and over and over again.

Imagine this. If the two sides were married and supposedly equal partners, as Canada is supposed to be, why does this grossly unfair situation exist? Put in front of a marriage counsellor, there would be only one solution given decades of futility.

Get out!

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