Anti-Alberta campaign killing economy

A presentation about oil sands was held in High Prairie on April 13. Standing left-right, are organizer Bob Blayone, of Peace River, and guest speaker Vivian Krause, of Vancouver.

Richard Froese
For The Express

Efforts to fight a major campaign against the oil sands are getting off the ground.

A guest speaker presented the anti-Alberta campaign April 13 in High Prairie.Vivian Krause explains The Tar Sands Campaign is supported by major international corporations and organizations that contribute millions of dollars.

“We are where we are because of a campaign, The Tar Sands Campaign,” says Krause, a Vancouver researcher and writer.

“I call this the Great Canadian Shutdown Machine.”

She says the campaign is costing the province billions of dollars and more.

“Alberta oil sands have been land-locked and because of that, many Albertans are out of work,” Krause says.

“Right from the get-go, it’s about shutting down the oil and gas industry in Alberta and western Canada.”

Now, she says the province needs to fight to promote the industry.

“It’s time to bring this campaign to an end,” Krause says.

“We’ve got to put a team together and get started.”

She says it is vital that communities and government work together for the industry.

“We need a strong smart government that will go to bat for the economy of Alberta and Canada.”

“The other side has teamed up, now we have to team up.

“It’s not a lost cause.”

Krause says the international campaign commits to restrict the oil sands and pipelines.

“Funding from those groups is unlimited,’ Krause says.

Canadian organizations are involved in the campaign, she says.

The campaign also funds and forms groups to stage protests around the world to oppose the industry and political parties.

She wonders why only Alberta is in the middle of the area targeted when pipelines are crisscrossing all over the USA.

The lobby organization also creates campaigns to contact electors to vote against parties that support the oil and gas industry, she says.

Krause is researching the issue as a concerned citizen.

“First it was forest products, then salmon farming and now it’s Alberta oil,” Krause says.

“I’m concerned that agriculture will be next.”

Before she spoke in High Prairie, she addressed a pro-resource rally in Valleyview in the afternoon where United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney also spoke.

The presentation in High Prairie was organized and sponsored by Peace River business owner Bob Blayone.

“It’s a story that every Canadian needs to know, needs to hear,” Blayone says.

For more information, contact Krause by Twitter @FairQuestions.


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