‘You could have killed somebody’ – justice

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A young man who damaged several vehicles and ran over the hand of one of the owners during an incident near Kinuso in 2022 will spend just over two years in a federal prison.

Devon Lee L’Hirondelle, 32, of Edmonton, was handed a global sentence of two years and 10 days when he was sentenced in the High Prairie Court of Justice on Feb. 5.

He earlier pleaded guilty to two counts of assault with a weapon and one count each of threats causing death or bodily harm, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, theft of a motor vehicle and property mischief by damage at the start of his trial Jan. 25.

L’Hirondelle was under the influence of drugs at the time, said his lawyer, Harry Jong.

Justice S.P. Hinkley noted a lifestyle of addictions often leads to bad choices and actions with horrible results.

“Given the circumstances, there needs to be a message to the public at large,” Justice Hinkley said.

“That’s the hell of drug addictions.”

Court heard that L’Hirondelle stole a Ford Fusion that led to a series of crimes Nov. 6, 2022 in Swan River First Nation, Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka said.

Justice Hinkley noted L’Hirondelle’s erratic driving could have had a fatal result.

“You could have killed somebody,” he said as he spoke to the accused.

“This was a violent and risky situation.”

On the dangerous driving charge, L’Hirondelle was banned from driving in Canada for two years starting on the day he is released from jail.

Court heard he caused damage to four vehicles in the incident and ran over the hand of a male who was trying to stop him, the justice noted.

The victim’s hand was fractured and took four months to heal, court heard.

Four vehicles were damaged and a vehicle storage tent in the ordeal, the Crown added.

“It resulted in very significant property damage,” Justice Hinkley said.

L’Hirondelle was ordered to pay restitution of $1,900 for damage to one vehicle and $420 for another.

To worsen matter, he also sprayed a female and a male with bear spray and threatened to spray another person.

L’Hirondelle was under the influence of fentanyl and crystal methamphetamine, Jong told court.

“He was scared for his life,” Jong said.

It was a result of a relapse of drugs, he added.

The lawyer apologized for his client.

“He’s very remorseful for what happened,” Jong said.

L’Hirondelle wants to put the incident behind him.

“I just want to move on and get back to my life,” L’Hirondelle told court.

As part of his sentence, he is also required to provide a DNA sample to authorities.

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