Writers in the Peace Region spread the word on Peace Country Writers.ca

Doug Fairfield

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Now that over eighty-four percent of Canadians look for businesses and services using their cell phones, a website is indispensable to guarantee that people can access your business.

Artscriptcanada.ca, based in Eaglesham, builds “effective, attractive, modern and searchable” websites for businesses across Canada, websites that are responsive and optimized for mobile devices. The websites have continual upgrades to stay abreast of rapid search engine developments, ensuring the sites are always kept “Google compliant.”

While Artscript Canada has clients across Canada, it places a particular emphasis on businesses in the Peace Country.

Yes, we do business across Canada but probably 60 to 80 percent of what I do is around the Peace Region,” says Doug Greenfield who along with his wife Maggie owns Artscript Canada.

Doug Greenfield is also a writer and has published two book: an autobiography called “Child of the Land” and an historical novel “A Time to Run.”

Greenfield says that as a writer he could not find a place to list his book so he decided to create Peace Country Writers.ca that both he and his fellow writers in the region could use.

I thought this is something fun to do and I will start something for my fellow writers also,” he says. “Peace Country Writers is a website for writers because I am a writer and I am able to do that gratis through Artscript Canada.”

There are approximately 20 writers and their works, covering a wide variety of genres, listed on Peace Country Writers.ca and if there are writers whose subject matter isn’t yet represented Greenfield will create a venue for it.

A number of writers on Peace Country Writers.ca have had their websites built by Artscript Canada so they are clients anyway, but the site advertises all writers for free whether they are web clients or not.

There is not just an author showcase and a book showcase but there is a bloggers showcase also,” Greenfield points out. “If you are a blogger you can put your blog on the site and the link will take people right to your blog. A lot of people follow blogs.”

Peace Country Writers.ca also lists all library locations in the Peace Library System and provides a link to each library’s catalogue.

If writers in the Peace Country wish to list their profile and their works on the website, they can send their information to Doug Greenfield and he will post the information on a number of pages such as book pages, author’s pages and an E-Books page.

Peace Writers.ca is a standalone website, a free entity hosted by Artscript Canada.

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